[Review] Aqua Facetherapy Facial at Nu.Reflections Face & Body Clinic


After going for monthly facials at Nu Reflections Face & Body Clinic and making a conscientious effort in looking after my skin, I’m starting to see visible improvement. The Eternal Youth Facials have been most pampering and moisturising for the skin, and helpful in tackling aging concerns. I still get mistaken for being early twenties or mid twenties and I believe I should credit that to part maintenance and part genetics.


This month, I got to try a new facial treatment, called the Aqua Facetherapy facial.

Aqua Facetherapy effectively treats all skin types and addresses a wide range of dermatological conditions such as hyper-pigmentations, acne, photodamage, dehydration and fine line wrinkles.
Rehydrate dry, flaky skin and fine lines.
Hyper-pigmentation Revitalises sun spots and successfully diminishes the ill effects of the sun to restore your skin tone.
Acne Targets oily areas and comedomes to clear and refresh the skin.
Aqua Facetherapy is the best combination of needle-free meso therapy. Benefits of this treatment includes:
Immediate skin improvement
Simultaneous exfoliation, Dermal infusion, lymphatic, muscle and motor nerve point stimulation.
Skin-specific topicals to address the patient’s unique skin care needs
Patients return to normal activities at once
Avoids the health hazards associated with pariculate abrasion
Soothing and massaging treatment

The treatment starts with a double cleanse, followed by water exfoliation. This is the diamond peel part where medical grade diamonds exfoliate the outer layer of skin while infusing a dermaceutical to the skin, stimulating new cell growth. This stage is also essential in prepping the skin for further extraction. The remaining gunk that does not gets removed through the diamond peel is then extracted manually. Once extraction is done, the eyebrows are trimmed and shaped.


Next, the therapist performs the ultrasound penetration with a Hydration ampoule. As the ultrasound waves pass from the treatment head to the skin they cause a vibration of the surrounding tissues, particularly those that contain collagen. However, there will be no hot sensation against the skin nor will you feel the vibrations either. And as the vibration massages the surrounding tissue, increased oxygen is then transported to the cells, leaving the skin feeling instantly perked up and firm.


After this, a mask is applied to further pamper the skin with the much needed hydration. The mask is left on for around 20 minutes while the therapist treats you to a relaxing and detoxing shoulder massage.


The session ends with the mask removal and application of the clinic’s in house sunscreen and moisturiser. You can feel that your skin is instantly refreshed and hydrated.

Nu.Reflections Face & Body Clinic is located at
#05-13 Regency House, 123 Penang Rd, Singapore 238465
Contact the clinic at 6235 0555
You can also hop over to the aesthetic clinic next door for a consultation with Dr Ivan Tan who helped me with my mole and millia seeds removal and jaw botox too.

Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics is located at :

123 Penang Road, Office tower #05-12, Regency House (next to old Cockpit Hotel)
 Singapore 238465

They are opened from Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
, Sat: 10am to 5pm

Tel: (65) 6235 5333
Fax: (65) 6235 0330
For bookings & general enquiries:
Website: www.nu-reflections.com


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