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March is the time when we replenish Mocha’s kibbles, to cut cost we would usually go for the biggest bag of kibbles and have the store separately pack them into vacuum-sealed smaller bags. So this time, we ordered our stuff from Kohepets and if you would like to view the unboxing video, please check it out below.

Kohepets is one of the top leading online pet stores in Singapore and they carry a wide range of products for dogs, cats and other small pets. I did a quick check with a few other online pet stores which I have shopped at before and found their pricing to be pretty competitive too.

Wellness Kibbles from KohePets

Like for example, right now, Kohepets are offering 2 free cans of Wellness dog food with every purchase of the large bag of kibbles. I requested for them to repack it and they did for free! I know some other pet stores actually charge for repackaging. So one 30lbs (13kg) bag of kibbles would yield around 6 of these smaller bags.  We usually purchase the whitefish & sweet potatoes recipe previously but I have decided to give lamb & barley a try this round.

Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixers from KohePets

Freeze-dried food have been all the rage but this is our first time trying it. This is recommended as a meal mixer so you can add this to your kibbles too. KohePets is having a promotion for meal mixers, get 3 Stella & Chewy‘s Meal Mixers or Dinner Morsels 3.5oz (99g) at $35.

Savoury Salmon & Cod Meal Mixers

This is how it looks like, I like that they have a scoop included in the pack for convenience. It kind of reminds me of pork floss. And Mocha undoubtedly loves it! In fact, he finished it all up but left part of his kibbles untouched. That rascal!

Dog eating kibbles

I also bought dental treats for him because he hates to brush his teeth. This round I have decided to try something new. Whimzees are having sale now with all items at 25% off. The ones which I have gotten for Mocha came in the shape of mini toothbrushes. Super cute!

Dog eating dental treat Whimzees

Dog snacks from KohePets

And when it comes to treats, I have not forgetten his favourite Bow Wow treats. I like to purchase the big pack because you get 3 individually packed smaller bags. He loves his Bow Wow treats as you can see from the video.

sample from KohePets

You can also cart out samples from the website, just go to the Free samples tab and add to your cart. These are FOC. And one can never have enough pee pads, because we do not use newspapers as they do not absorb pee and odour well.

order from KohePets

Looks like our dear friend here is super pleased with his loot. We ordered on Tuesday night and we received an SMS the next morning to confirm delivery for that evening. The order reached us on Wednesday night so it is really fast!

Everything was in good order, Mocha & I are happy and satisfied customers. Do check out their site to find out more about their product offerings and latest promotions:


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