Updates On My Korean V Lift After 2 Months


Remember the Korean V Lift I did previously at The Knightsbridge Clinic? Well, it has been 2 months and I have decided to post an update on how my face looks like now. I can definitely see the difference which is showing now.

Charlotte Ashlene A Beauty Affair

For quite sometime, I have not really been comfortable putting my hair behind my ears ever since the effects of my jaw botox has gone off. But right now, I have no issues because my face is totally Korean-certified V shape!

Korean V Lift Knightsbridge Clinic

This is the result of the combination of a thread lifts and jaw botox. The first photo on the left shows my sad-looking, squarish face around more than half a year after my previous jaw botox jab. The middle photo shows the immediate effect of the thread lift procedure but that is only temporary since the swelling would start pretty soon. But with just a little bit of patience and time, you will finally get to see the “fruits of your labour”.

For more details on my Korean V Lift experience with Dr Israr Wong, please check back my older post HERE.

Korean V Lift Knightsbridge Clinic

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