Christmas Shopping


December is one of the months where most of us folks tend to spend a lot and I am no exception. Maybe it is due to the holiday season where everyone is a in festive mood. Not to forget the temptation of all the year end sales with irresistible bargains. And it is difficult not to get tempted when you have been scrimping and saving up the whole year. This seems like the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself a little, only to realise that you can’t stop the moment you begun.


I had survived the black friday and 11.11 sale without getting a single item but that was only because I had spent a bomb on the Seoul trip. Bought these for the hubby even though he had given me some shopping money for the trip. So it is like the hubby buying for himself. Haha!


Not forgetting my MCM tote from their off season sale. While it could be tempting to shop at the flagship stores due to the wider variety, shopping at the airport branches means that I won’t need go queue for tax refunds. And I very much prefer this hassle-free way of shopping. The Adidas backpack was bought in Singapore and only because I regretted not getting the MCM backpack as well.


Then there was this perfume warehouse sale, I had initially thought of getting only 3 but some of the items were so cheap. They even sold testers too which are more than 50% off retail price of the original items.


Spent around $200++ at the sale, these are just some of the perfumes I had scored. Gave one to the hubby and one to my mom.

Come 12.12 and found that Cotton On was having 40% off storewide. I am not exactly a fan of Cotton On though yes their items are cheap but they do not really last a few washes in the washing machine. However, I could not resist the graphic tops that were on sale. And even though I do not really like the mouthless kitty, I ended up carting two Hello Kitty tanks, a dress, an off shoulder top, a tee for the hubby, shoes for the boy and some pillowcases. All these for around a $100+, still pretty worth it for that many items.

Last but not least, I decided to stock up on my contact lenses. Stumbled upon this site HoneyColor and decided to give it a go. They were having massive promos such as free makeup pouch and 1 for 1 lenses.


I ended up getting a total of 5 pairs of contact lenses. 2 were freebies out of these 5. The interesting thing about this website is that most of the coloured lenses they sell are yearly lenses. Though I don’t think I would be wearing them for that long. The one in the red box are monthly lenses. They also gave these really cute contact lens cases which came in animal shaped caps. And even though they did state that freebies would be given at random but I tried requesting for the lightning pouch and they acceded to it. So thumbs up for great customer service :)

So that wraps up my christmas shopping for 2016 for now at least.

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