Mosquito Repellents Review

With Zika numbers still on the rise and new cases of which none are from existing clusters, it sure pays to be prepared. This is especially so if you have young kids to protect or in my case, when my workplace is pretty near to the largest cluster, I have decided to take precaution as well. So I have gotten these three different mosquito repellents from NTUC Fairprice to try out.


From left to right, there is the OFF! Lotion, OFF! Liquid and Tiger Balm’s Mosquito Repellent Spray.

The OFF! Lotion has to be one of my favourites among the trio. We are so used to seeing mosquito repellents in the form of patches, bracelets and sprays. So having it in a lotion form was something new to me but I was in for an even bigger surprise. I was half expecting the usual strong citronella scent when I applied the cream but was instead greeted by this refreshing scent that reminds me of the ocean breeze.


The lotion has a light texture just like your typical body lotion and it goes on smoothly on the skin. As I stay in an air-conditioned environment for most of the day, I did not reapply during working hours until I left office. I did not get any bites too. If given a choice, I would very much prefer to the use the lotion over a spray type.

Next, we have the OFF! Liquid which is a spray type of mosquito repellent. The liquid is colorless and it also has a refreshing scent that is similar to the OFF! lotion.


I spray over my bare skin as well as clothing and it does not stain. I think this along with the lotion, is perfect for the discreet working adult. If you do not want to walk around smelling like you douse yourself from head to toe with mosquito repellent then the OFF! mosquito repellent products are the ones you should look out for.

Last but not least, there is everyone’s favorite old time brand the Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent spray. This one comes packaged in a very handy spray and has a signature citronella scent which is easily recognizable.


I love using this on my 4 year old son, in fact, this is our 2nd bottle already. Before this, we were using the Tiger Balm mosquito repellent patches and those also helped keep mosquitoes at bay. I like how this one is plant-based and has proven effective for my very active child who does not want play time outdoors to be compromised just because of the zika scare.

All of the three mosquito repellents I have gotten have served their purpose effectively and they are all packaged in really handy sizes which makes bringing them out very convenient too.


I understand that mosquito repellent products are selling like hot cakes and being wiped out shelves in stores. I urge everyone to be considerate and buy only what you require so that others may also purchase too.


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