Grow Lashes Naturally With Lash Regrowth Treatment

I simply adore full and long lashes, something which I am unfortunately not born with. And this is why I rely on false lashes to achieve the look. Now, picture this, imagine that you would no longer need to use false lashes or to go for eyelash extensions anymore. Instead, you could grow your lashes naturally with the Eyelash Regrowth Treatment.


Lash Regrowth are the pioneer in bringing this new treatment to Singapore, utilizing the latest technology and product to revitalize cells, so that lashes will grow naturally. Knowing that this treatment is safe and non-invasive also gives me a peace of mind.

I had my first session a few days back at Bugis Cube and Jas was my therapist. As I had makeup on, she proceeded to gently remove my eye makeup first. Then she measured my eyelashes. I have always felt that I had short lashes but according to Jas, they were of a pretty average length of 5-7mm. However, my lashes were more sparse.

But I won’t be worrying much as Eyelash Regrowth Treatment would let me achieve at least 2mm growth in my lashes. Next, Jas shows me the equipment that she would be using on my lids. It contains a micro-needle which would help open up the lash follicles on my eyelids so that the serum would do a better job in growing out longer and fuller lashes.

Taking pride in strict hygiene standards, each customer will have their own micro-needle unwrapped in front of them from their very own eyelash kit. She tested it on my hand and the feeling was more of a vigorous tapping to my surprise and not painful at all. You may experience slight discomfort since it is the eyelids we are talking about after all but it is bearable. Once that is done, Jas then applies the lash regrowth serum on both my upper and lower lids.


Next, she applies a heated eye pad so that the serum would be better absorbed. A session typically takes up around an hour so this is a something you could go to even during lunch time or in between work hours if you can 😉


Before I left, Jas gave me my very own lash kit which contains the lash measuring ruler and two bottles of eyelash growth serum, one for day and one for night. I was to apply these 2 bottles daily every morning and night. For the day application, leave the serum on for at least 10 minutes before you apply your makeup.

I can’t wait for 3-4 weeks time to measure my lashes again and see how long they have grown. I am also looking forward to my next appointment in mid Sept for my second treatment so that I can achieve even longer and fuller lashes. So stay tuned for my next blog update to read about my results!

UPDATES in this blog post !

Each session costs S$280, book your appointment today and use promo code “CHARLOTTE10” to get 10% off!

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LASH REGROWTH is located at:

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
Beauty Mums #01-07
with effect from 1st September
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