Updates on my review at Nu Reflections Medical Aesthetic & Dissolving My Chin Fillers!


So a month ago, I went back to NuReflections clinic for my review with Dr Ivan Tan. It had been 6 weeks since my jaw botox and I felt that my face has become so much slimmer. But Dr Tan told me that it would go down some more. So it has been 2 months since I had the procedure done and this is how my face looks like now. I’m really happy with the results!


I can now tie up my hair without worrying about my face looking too big. Among all the non-invasive treatments in the aesthetic world, I think jaw botox is a must if you have a squarish face due to large master muscles. I’m amazed at how drastically it can alter one’s appearance.

During the review, Dr Tan and I also discussed about my chin fillers. Around a year ago, I had fillers on my chin done at another clinic. And most likely due to the movement of the fillers over time, it started to give me a grouchy appearance when I am not smiling. From the photo on the left, you can see my chin fillers. Over on the right, I am neither frowning nor pouting but you can see my chin looking slightly scrunched up.

Collage 2016-06-23 14_08_10

Good news for me though! One of the advantages of getting dermal fillers is that you can correct the procedure anytime you wish to. Dermal filler problems such as overfilling, puffiness or unevenness can be corrected with Hyaluronidase. Or maybe, you just do not like the outcome of a filler job and a reversal could be done to remove the filler entirely.

So that was what Dr Tan did for me and he reduced the chin fillers with a few jabs of Hylase. It has been around a month since I had them done and the reduction is quite a subtle change. However, I feel that my overall look is more natural now.


Cost of dissolving fillers is S$300 per area. Just make an appointment and visit Dr Tan for a consultation to see what he can help you out with!

To read on about my jaw botox masseter reduction, please click HERE. If you are looking to remove your moles, warts and pigmentations, read all about my experience HERE.

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    • Hi, I guess I would say it depends. Unfortunately, I have only tried sculptra on my cheeks, never done fillers for cheeks so I can’t really compare. However, I think sculptra is more natural and given that sometimes fillers can shift a little, it might be a better choice.

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