[Review] Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Hair Care range

The last time I tried the Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco, I was so amazed by the results that it also appeared on my blogpost on my must purchase list of beauty products. So as a fan of Marc Anthony hair care products, I was delighted to try out their latest range which had coconut oil and shea butter to treat dry, brittle and damaged hair.


If dry hair is bothering you then look no further, because this range that boosts of coconut oil and shea butter; a heavenly combination full of natural moisturising qualities, is sure to keep your hair looking all healthy, silky smooth and shiny.


Coconut oil infuses deep moisture to keep hair supple, it helps to prevent breakage and splitting while also encouraging growth. While shea butter protects the hair from damaging elements and they even had it infused with biotin to pamper your scalp and locks with all that wholesome Vitamin B goodness!

Here’s a look at the range…


Begin your hair pampering treat by washing all away the grim and dirt accumulated during the day with the shampoo (250ml at S$17.90). Next, hydrate and protect your locks with the conditioner (250ml at S$17.90). I must say, the shea butter scent is simply heavenly. And this scent lingers on throughout the day, I could not help by keep sniffing the ends of my hair whenever I had the chance. It smells really good!


The conditioning treatment (50 ml at S$4.90) comes in this niffy little pouch. Apply the contents generously onto your hair, from root to tip, then leave it on for 3 to 7 minutes before rinsing off. Do this once a week to nourish and moisturise your locks. It contains Hydrolysed Keratin which helps to fill in damaged hair and restore tensile strength. Along with the Shea Butter treatment, hair would not only be smelling great but also less brittle and less prone to breakages and split ends. Depending on your hair length, a packet could be used twice or thrice.


Last but not least, we have the Oil Treatment (50ml at S$19.90). Keep your hair protected with the oil treatment that contains Vitamins A & E which is found in Shea Butter. You can use it on either damp or dry hair. Soothe frizzy ends and moisturise dry hair with this nourishing final treatment.

Personally, when it comes to daily usage, I find the shampoo and conditioner sufficient for me. I only use the oil treatment on my ends sometimes. And a little goes a long way for the oil treatment, so do not go overzealous on your application. However, if you have really dry and damaged hair then you may consider using the oil treatment everyday.


And guess who else is loving it too? Well, according to the hubby, it is working great on the his hair that has been chemically-treated. Even though he had only tried out the shampoo (because he is a guy and doesn’t use conditioner), he said that he could tell the difference in his hair. It was softer and more hydrated now compared to before.

Marc Anthony products can be found at Watsons stores. There’s a range for every hair type, be sure to check them out!


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