Wisma Atria’s LUSH grand reopening!


Lush at Wisma Atria had a revamp and I was invited to the reopening. This is the store that smells really great when you walk past it but I’ve not really stepped into it before. In fact, I’m a newbie to Lush products. And guess what? They have gained a fan. Lush products are made from fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. They are made with little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients, and tell you when they were made. And most importantly, Lush is against animal testing.


Their products are mostly inspired by food and vegetables so it is no wonder that when you walk into a Lush store feels like you are shopping in a grocer.

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Rows of shower jellies and bath bombs adorn the rows on to your right as you step into the store. Its bright, vibrant colors are indeed a sight to behold. But wait a minute, what are shower jellies? These are something like soap bars but in jelly form. Really interesting, right? Makes me feel like a little inquisitive kid shopping in a candy store. I guess their signature bath bombs need no introduction. I really love how adorable they are shaped like though. There’s a flamingo, a robot and even carrots!

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We are immediately distracted by the ice cream and dips display in the centre of the store.  Except that these are not what you think it is, they are scrubs and masks. We try on a few and I especially love the ones which exfoliates while moisturizing.

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We move on to the hair section and find out that they have such a thing called Shampoo bars! Amazing!! I have never heard or seen a solid shampoo before. I received one in the goodie bag and brought it along my 1 day vacation to JB. It was a breeze to use and foamed up pretty quickly. The scent was lovely and my hair did not feel dry despite not using any conditioner.

These are massage bars which you can keep in the fridge due to our humid weather. Made from butters and essential oils, you just massage them onto the areas of your body that requires some pampering.

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Another section which caught our attention were the toothpastes. We thought that the bottles of pills that lined the top row looked so much like medicine. But these are actually toothy tabs, which you pop into your mouth and crush them with your teeth then proceed to brush as per usual. Really handy for bringing overseas! And so are these tooth powders, just dab your damp toothbrush into the container and brush away. These are really convenient as well for those who brush after meal times in the office.

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They also have a makeup section where you can find mascara, skin tint, powders, lip colour and more.

We also loved the gift sets section with its brightly colored packaging. Everything is pre-packed and wrapped up to make that gift shopping experience as fuss free as possible. A label on the package reveals what lovely goodies are stashed away inside.

There’s a Best Seller column right beside the cashier and another section which has scents and fragrances. We were famished by then and decided to head out for dinner so we ended our tour of the shop there. I’m pretty certain I would be back to visit. And I’m also psyched to find out that they also have an e-shop www.lushsg.com so you can check out the products online too!


Here’s my little fellow enjoying a bubble bath with the green bubbleroon. Lush at Wisma Atria is located at #B1-13, be sure to drop by soon! :)

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