Random Updates… Shopping Update, New Eyebrows & other random stuff


So this week marked the 2 months since I’ve started working, it feels like it has been so much longer than just mere 2 months only. I’m still trying my best to adjust back to the working lifestyle. Some days I’m not so loving it and feel robbed of my time, gone are the days where I could eat in bed or settle for a nap between 2 to 3pm. And yet as the weeks progressed, I feel like I have my “adulthood” back. I get to do adult things such as catch up friends over lunch. This was a rarity during my days as a Stay Home mother. I might even graduate to chilling out one fine day.


And if you have noticed that my eyebrows are looking neater and fuller than usual then you are right. I had 6HD eyebrow embroidery done at Paramedic Aesthetics, it is a newly opened salon that is opened by the same folks behind Fabulous Tan, now rebranded as Fabulous Aesthetics. This is how it looks like now, approximately 2 weeks after it was done. I will be going back to do a touch-up soon, probably in a month’s time.

I have also started packing lunch to work in bid to eat healthy and save some money. The only food court available at my office place is a halal one and I simply can’t live without my pork. How can I eat Ban Mian without bak chor???? The food there is pretty mediocre but it also happens to be the most economical option.

Collage 2016-03-18 16_11_57

This was the first batch of lunch I’d pre packed. It is either fish or chicken. I am thinking of making sandwiches for the next week. I saw this recipe online to make avocado sauce but unfortunately, I got too lazy and ended up buying an avocado and garlic salad dressing. On a positive note, it turned out great and made my arugula leaves taste even better. Though I am not sure how long I can keep up with this “hipster diet” of organic leaves and protein. Haha…


I have also started wearing heels to work because they make me look more dressed up. I am also putting more effort in my dressing. I guess it helps in a way because I feel more motivated to turn up for work when I doll up. My feet hurts more but it helps that the husband sometimes drives me to and fro work.

March has also been a month of surprises! My hubs who is known for never being the romantic sort, gives me the ring which I was eyeing when we were out shopping one day.

Guess what I found under my pillow? Thank you my dearest hubby! ♡♡♡♡♡ #surprise #iloveu

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And on this friday, when I was staying home to look after my sick boy. The (ex)lunch kaki gives me a sweet TGIF surprise! We have been oohing and ahhing over flowers for the past week. This was kind of our latest obsession.

Last but not least, I shall end this blog entry with my latest buy from Dasio. Super uber cute Panda bedroom slippers for the boy! Pity they only had it in 1 size and it was a kid’s size because I would have loved to get a pair for myself too!


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