Random Musings…And my Taobao buys



Congrats to myself, I have survived working for a quarter of the year 2016. Gosh, time really does flies especially when you are juggling work and family. While this may come easily for the super women, it has been a struggle for me. I have gotten so used to the stay at home mom lifestyle that it is taking me some getting used to. I think I miss my freedom and afternoon naps the most.

Thankfully, being able to hitch a ride to and fro work sometimes from the hubby has made travelling to work more bearable. Not having to take the MRT for 5 days straight can do wonders to your sanity or at least for mine. As my hubby knocks off the same time as me or even later, I usually end up having to wait for him. So it’s a normal sight to find me seated at a bench outside the mall beside my office, surfing Taobao while waiting. Which reminds me that I really need to cut down on the shopping. You probably would have noticed that I have stopped posting photos of my packages. The novelty of receiving them has faded since I expect a parcel now every 1 to 2 weeks.


Interestingly, I have moved on from buying books and toys for Asher on Taobao to shopping for clothes for myself ever since I have started work. I wanted something low cost since I was not sure how long I would stay employed. And Taobao happens to offer quite a variety at a very attractive price. The only problem was that they sometimes fail to deliver up to expectations. Apart from the questionable quality, there sometimes can be an issue with the sizing. There have been one time too many where I receive a dress I have been anticipating to receive only to realize that it did not fit. This could prove to be pretty depressing. But I guess it is no surprise because these girls over there are stick-thin, as proven by the latest A4 paper trend. So I have decided to stop buying clothes from Taobao at the moment to avoid driving myself crazy.

Collage 2016-04-06 12_45_02

However, when it comes to books, toys and random items, hey have yet to disappoint. The quality is decent, even for pirated books. Yes, can you believe that they even make pirated books? I bought some unknowingly and only found out after reading through their feedback. But the quality is on par with the originals and I could not really tell, to the extent that some sellers even market their copies as originals.

I have yet to explore sea shipping though because there i nothing bulky on my wishlist yet. Perhaps in the near future? We shall see…



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