[Review] My Marie France Bodyline Slimming Experience


I have been stuffing myself so much over the festive period that I had developed a little extra pooch around my midsection. So no prizes for guessing, but one of my new year resolutions was to lose that flabby tummy. And this is where Marie France Bodyline comes into the picture, well known for their professional consultation services and individually tailored slimming programmes with the latest technologies, plus the fact that they are the reason behind Fann Wong’s fabulous figure now. I knew that I was in good hands.


For my first visit to Marie France Bodyline, the consultant took my weight and measurements as well as my body fat analysis. It turns out that my water retention is rather high, hence, that could also account for my bloated tummy. So we started off my slimming journey with the Venus Freeze Treatment, the latest breakthrough slimming treatment available at Marie France Bodyline. Used by aesthetic doctors and Hollywood celebrities to complement their beauty & body contouring regime. This revolutionary treatment utilizes the combined power of Multi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) to achieve a slim figure. Venus Freeze is the first and only clinically-proven treatment to receive FDA clearance for the use of Magnetic Pulse technology.

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With the Venus Freeze, one can expect a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, circumferential reduction, toning and tightening of the skin. First, my therapist checked my body temperature before proceeding. A warm sensation was felt as the applicator was gently glazed across my tummy. My therapist was constantly checking with me if I was comfortable with the temperature as it shot gradually up to 45 degrees as it starts to dissolve the fats. If it is too hot for my liking, she would switch it down to a cooler temperature but it hardly gets too hot.

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Slight redness across the tummy during and after the session is common as it is due to the heat and heat circulation, so do not let this sight scare you. For me, the redness on my tummy went off overnight. The collagen mask that was applied to my tummy immediately after the treatment, tones and firms the skin, giving my skin a more supple appearance. A minimum of 8 treatments for the body is required for optimal results.

IMG_20160130_5_resized_1Then I got to wear my robe again and was ushered to their private waiting room to relax and have a drink. Twenty minutes later, my therapist returned to wipe off the mask with a warm towel and I was done for the day.

For my second treatment, I got to try out the ISS which stands for Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment, a body-shaping treatment designed to eliminate stubborn fat in common and targeted areas such as unsightly bulges on the upper arms, abdomen and thighs.


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This time, the treatment starts with a welcome head and shoulder massage that I enjoyed thoroughly. I was also treated to a hand massage with hand lotion. Then the slimming session begun with my therapist wiping the treatment area with a warm towel before proceeding to apply Ultrasound Gel and Anti cellulite serum mixture on my tummy. Next, she starts to use the applicator on my tummy, which gives out ultrasound waves, that breaks down fat cells and transform the fat nodules into liquid substances so that the body is able to remove them naturally through the lymphatic system.

The therapist does nine minutes on each side of my tummy for the ISS treatment. Next, she proceeds to give me a relaxing sculpting tummy massage for twenty minutes and ends it with a goodbye back and shoulder massage. This has got to be my favorite treatment because it involves so many pampering massages.


After which I had the signature Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) body wrap that encourages the body to break down the stored fats. Once again, I got to relax in their private waiting room while I had the wrap on for twenty minutes. The nutritionist came by to discuss with me about healthy eating. I should also avoid skipping breakfast as it could cause my metabolism to slow down. This was quite worrying as I had been skipping breakfast for the past whole year. Soon my therapist is back and it was time to remove the wrap, which she wiped off with a warm towel and I was done.

Determined to get rid of my tummy pooch, I have started to observe my food intake. I started to eat healthier options such as vegetables and fish while cutting down on rice and eliminating fast food.

For my third treatment, I tried out the V’PRO Treatment which combines four advanced technologies into the one ultimate treatment that is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce circumference of the targeted area and promote overall body shaping. The V’PRO treatment utilizes an Infra-red light and radio frequency to get rid of stubborn fats and shape the body line with its vacuum therapy that gives a suction feeling as the device rotates over my tummy:

1)Infrared light treatment induces a deep heating of underlying fats and tissues up to 2mm depth, delivering a kick-start effect to body’s natural ability to burn off excess fat and increase blood circulation.
2)Bi-polar radio frequency reach depths of up to 20mm, treating subcutaneous fat tissues that increases metabolism by releasing body’s stored energy in fat cells.
3)Vacuum therapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating fibroblast and collagen production for complete body toning benefits.
4)Rollers massage encourages lymphatic drainage and rids the body of excess fluids, thus smoothing out ‘dimpled’ appearance of cellulite.
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My therapist then applies the V’Pro Contour Gel while massaging my tummy during the application. The V’Pro Contour Gel penetrates into fat tissues to dissolve fats while it inhibits the formation of new fat cells.

The V’Pro Body Peel and V’Pro Contour Gel are specially created to work in tandem with the V’Pro sophisticated technology. The treatment starts with my therapist cleansing the treatment area with a warm towel. My therapist then starts to massage the V’Pro Body Peel onto my tummy area. The V’Pro Body Peel contains an exclusive Skin Fortifying complex that acts as an exfoliating scrub to remove excess dead cells while it prepares the area to be treated.

This is how my tummy looks like just after the three slimming sessions at Marie France Bodyline. So you can imagine how it would look like after several more sessions. I also got my measurements after my third session and my waist has gone down by 1.25″, tummy is down by 1″ and hips by 1/2″. What I really like about Marie France Bodyline treatments are how they are pain-free, safe and results-proven.
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For more information on Marie France Bodyline, do check out their website. You may find the list of their branches over here, they have several branches island wide so you can be sure to find one near you.


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