Lou Hei @ Lokkee Restuarant


Thinking back, it was all due to a really silly mistake of mine that we ended up at Lokkee for our Lou Hei dinner. Firstly, the gang did not plan to dine at Lokkee, heck, the majority of us did not even knew its existence. The choice venue for the gathering was Lao Beijing (which also happens to be part of the Tung Lok group; just like Lokkee). So I offered to go get a table since I was the first to reach Plaza Singapura. The moment I reached the 3rd level, I entered the first chinese restaurant I saw without even looking at the sign. That was how we ended up with a table in Lokkee. I had only realised that I was in the wrong place when I looked down at the menu and to my horror, it was Lokkee instead of Lao Beijing. Too embarrassed to admit my mistake and make an exit, I forced my friends to come into Lokkee instead. Well, on the bright side, we got to try out a new place as a group.


Taken from the Tung Lok website… “Lokkee is inspired by Chinese take-out food often found in Chinatowns across cosmopolitan cities like New York, London and Sydney but elevates it through the use of premium ingredients and clean flavours. Lokkee’s menu is based on the cuisine of Chinese immigrants who have built on traditional Chinese cooking and interpreted it for diners in their adopted homes. Diners can look forward to sample well executed dishes that are synonymous to this urban culinary phenomenon such as Chow Mein, Mongolian Beef and Orange Chicken.”

Guess that is why they have chinese-western fusion styled decor and it was probably the only chinese restaurant that played English pop music. Anyway, that was not the only silly mistake I made that night. I tried to position my mobile on the seat’s ledge so that we could take a welfie and then it fell in the small slot between the seat and the window.


And the staff were all really helpful in trying to help me retrieve my phone. Even the uncle sitting beside our table was offering tips and ideas on how to get it out since the depth was too deep for even my long limbed friend to reach. Anyway, this waitress was so patient with us, she kept reassuring me that it was no trouble and she would get back my phone for me.


The food was pretty good and they had really interesting dishes. One of the more unique dishes which we ordered would be the Firecracker Chicken Nest. It’s actually Sichuan spicy 麻辣 fried chicken and it is not egg yolks that you are seeing in the photo. I’m not sure what it is the exact term but it tasted like mango custard from 流沙包. You are supposed eat the chicken first and then sip on the mango to neutralize the spicy aftertaste that numbs your tongue.

Another popular dish we spotted almost every table having was the Flaming pineapple beef which is braised beef served in a pineapple that is lit up with flames. Really interesting! Prices here are pretty reasonable with dishes starting from S$12 onwards. You can check out the ala carte CNY menu.

The staff who helped me retrieved my phone provided exceptional service throughout our whole meal. She came by often to check if we were enjoying our food or if our tea needed to be topped up. I’m really impressed by the service and I’ll certainly be back to patronize.


Just remember that Lokkee is at #03-01 while Lao Beijing is over at #03-02, Plaza Singapura.

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