Cooking Fun At CulinaryOn Sg!


CulinaryOn has to be by far the best cooking class both Asher & I has attended. We were lucky to get a glimpse into what goes on during a lesson at their media launch earlier on this month. The staff have injected so much fun and laughter in the lessons that there is never a dull moment and the children are often kept on their toes, anticipating the next surprise.

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We were really impressed by the large, spacious 7,000 sq ft studio with state of the art kitchen equipment that easily rivals the stage set of Junior Master Chef. Here the kids are getting hands on and learning how to make their very own lava cake.

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Each kid got to take turns at every task, from cracking the eggs to whisking the mixture and finally pouring them into the individual baking tins. Asher could not stop tasting the chocolate, flour and he even tried to eat pasta dough!

Guess that brings us to our next dish, colored pasta! I was really impressed that they were making it from scratch. And we added tomato sauce so that we could get orange pasta. The station beside us added pesto sauce to theirs so that their pasta would turn out green. It was truly an eye-opening and great learning opportunity not only for the kids but also the parents as well.

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All the kids were enjoying themselves so much, having flour fights in between the kneading and rolling. Best of all, we got to try out the state of the art electronic pasta machine which produced the colorful llinguini you see above. Next, the lovely chefs started making cream and tomato sauces to cook with the pasta so that we all could try our children’s creations. Needless to say, the pasta was delicious and I had second helping!

Collage 2016-01-26 19_50_31

And the highlight of the day had to be the “Ice Cream Show” where they made ice cream from scratch to accompany the lava cakes. Here is the chef using liquid nitrogen to freeze the mixture. Lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd of curious children who took particular interest in the cool fog that emerged. And as expected, the dessert did not fail to impress. The lava cake was flavorful and went exceptionally well with the vanilla ice cream. I loved how they made everything from scratch instead of just getting store-bought items.


Once we were done with the session, Asher and I were both awarded with these really awesome CulinaryOn certificates!

If you are interested to try out the cooking classes with your kids. Do note that classes are held every weekend and are suitable for young budding chefs aged 4 to 12 year olds. Children get to learn how to make 3 dishes from scratch and each lesson is just S$88. For more information, head over to the CulinaryOn Website.

Should you be keen in learning how to cook, you would be delighted to know that there are adult classes available as well. The welcoming space is great for parties, master classes, corporate team buildings, business trainings, birthday celebrations and more. Find your favorite class and join the culinary journey! More information on all classes at CulinaryOn Website

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