Presents Everyone Is Giving But Yet Don’t Really Want To Receive


When it comes to gift exchanges especially among acquaintances or colleagues, I’ll admit that it can be kinda tricky to shop for. I’m as guilty as charged when it comes to shopping for christmas present and would often take the easy way out by just heading to a store and grabbing whatever christmas promo set they have that fits my budget. I guess that many folks out there are doing the same till some christmas exchanges have come up with ban lists that prohibit the gifting of such items.


So here are a list of christmas presents which we have been so used to giving to others and yet not really excited about receiving…

#1- The Body Shop gift sets


I love The Body Shop products but let’s just admit that nothing screams sincerity like a The Body Shop shower gel set for Christmas. And I’ll sheepishly admit that this is true because I have bought such gift sets for christmas exchanges where I don’t really know the person well enough and I don’t really care if they are going to like the present or not. Thank goodness for anonymity when it comes to secret santa gift exchanges. Though on the bright side, the Body Shop items are really practical. We all need to shower and wash our hair, eh?

#2 – Lotions


Christmas is the time when people just overload you with hand creams from L’occitane. Sometimes I wonder if they buy it in bulk or like a Xmas gift set then give them out individually. Hand creams if bought in the correct type and scent that suits your skin type are great but I don’t think anyone would go gaga over receiving hand creams. Admit it, it is a boring present. If you are thinking of gifting beauty items for Christmas, do it only because you know the recipient really well and what products she goes for or go for the full sets that include bath and body products instead of just hand lotions.

#3 – Mugs


Because one can never have enough mugs, right? Like seriously, yes, this owl with scarf mug looks really adorable but no thank you. It’s not like I am going to think of you whenever I take a sip of whatever I’m drinking when I’m using the mug you had given me. Mugs as gifts will forever be seen as thoughtless gifts no matter how much effort you had put in to find them in owl shape.

#4 – Calendars, planners or diaries


Unless it is a specially customized or limited edition one, try not to get your friend any one of these items. It also happens to be one of the banned items on the list for an upcoming christmas gift exchange I’m attending. I think it is because no one really uses such stuff nowadays. Everyone simply relies on their mobile or tablet to organize their life using apps such as Google calendar and so on.

#5 – Candles


Please don’t even think about giving scented candles as presents. They lack thought and are just begging to be re-gifted.

#6- Chocolates, candies or cookies


Once again, unless it is home-made, please avoid giving edibles as presents. Especially cheap chocolate. I love ferrero rocher but I would very much prefer to buy it myself instead of receiving it as a gift. Thank you very much.

#7- Anything Xmas Themed


And that includes ugly sweaters. Though in honesty, these are fine as add-ons that you bring to the party but not as a main gift.


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