Airing Dirty Linen Online


Airing dirty linen online in Singapore has became a growing social media trend for scorned lovers of cheating partners. Not surprisingly, this isn’t something new for the internet. It is rampant with videos from China of angry wives beating up the mistresses as well as stripping them in public to humiliate. Also being circulated on social media sites are videos of illicit couples caught in bed by their partners and getting assaulted.

However, in sunny Singapore, we are also seeing an increase in shaming posts online minus the drama and violence only because of the strict laws we have here. Photos of the cheating couple accompanied with screenshots of private messages between them would be circulated to shame to the parties involved.


One of the most infamous cases this year even made it to the tabloid papers such as Chinese Dailies. It all started when the mistress herself, Regina Kam, a 20 year old married mother of two posted an online status showing a police report made against the wife of her lover, Ah Keong.

Another scandal gaining popularity online involves a young married father of one who got caught having an affair with a Thai hostess from a local Thai disco.

The wife outed him online and even posted photos of her injuries after he had alleged hit her. The post spread like wildfire and appeared on news sharing social media sites such as KNN and ASS.

Gaining shares online today, is another case but this time it involves two married people. This post was initially shared by the scorned husband who claimed that the married man who was a father of 4 kids was pestering his wife even after the affair was exposed.

The news very quickly made it on to the ASS website where it was viewed and shared by many more. Sadly, the family photo which shows the four innocent kids without their face blanked out was also part of the post which the scorned husband had shared. In such cases, it is usually the kids that suffer because of the mistakes their parents make.

So what are your thoughts on more and more Singaporeans turning to Facebook to air their dirty laundry in public? Do you think it is an acceptable ‘civil punishment’ or that family matters should always be kept private?


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