Zalora & Reebonz shopping deals with ShopBack!


I discovered ShopBack after a friend on Facebook shared about receiving over S$50 in cashbacks through for her online purchases. Being an avid online shopper, I was naturally curious about this ShopBack and I wanted to find out more. So I checked out their website and was delighted to find that there were more than 60 over merchants on ShopBack, including my favorite online stores Zalora & Reebonz.


Wearing my favorite off-shoulder romper from Zalora
You see, I get most of my clothes and shoes from Zalora while Reebonz is a great place to get presentable luxury gifts at an affordable price. Shopping online has been made more enjoyable now that I know that I am able to receive cashbacks for my purchases through ShopBack! And because good things are meant to be shared,  I am going to teach you on how you can start earning cashbacks through as well. 

So how does ShopBack work? Basically, it is getting back a portion of your purchase as Cashback whenever you shop through ShopBack. And it gets even better because you can also get exclusive sales and deals with shop back from various participating merchants on top of your cash backs for greater savings! This is even better than what most credit cards are able to offer.

Take Zalora for example, you can also find Zalora coupons and promotions especially for ShopBack customers.


To begin shopping on Zalora via ShopBack is pretty simple. First, you would need to sign up for a Shopback account. Once logged in, proceed to click on the Zalora icon as shown.


After clicking on Zalora, a pop up box will appear. Read through the details to find out more information on the cash back which you are entitled to. New Zalora customers get 15% in Cashback while existing Zalora customers getting 7% in Cashback.

Once you are ready, click on the red button that says “Shop Now” to begin shopping.


You would be then directed to the Zalora website and you may start browsing as per normal. Remember to stay within this redirected window tab for successful cashback. Just select the products you wish to purchase, apply the coupon code (if any) on the check out page and click on Order Now to complete your purchase. Your cash back will be automatically credited to your ShopBack account within a certain time frame as indicated on your ShopBack account. And your cash back will become redeemable once Zalora validates your purchase within 60 days. It is that simple!

To get a clearer picture, just watch this following video on how to shop on Zalora through ShopBack and redeem your cashbacks.

I’ve just carted out some more shoes from Zalora but this time round through ShopBack. I can’t wait to accumulate more than S$10.00 in cash backs so that I could start cashing out the money into my bank account.

To begin shopping on Reebonz through ShopBack, follow the same steps as above but click on the Reebonz icon instead.


You would be directed to this page. Click on Shop Now to begin your shopping. Reebonz customers will get 2% cashback! With the festive season just round the corner, this would be a good time to start shopping for presents at Reebonz. Get Reebonz cashback and coupons now!


Not forgetting with Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales approaching this month end, do remember to check out what deals and promotions are happening at too!

I hope this guide has been helpful for you. And don’t forget to sign up for a ShopBack account to begin your Cashback journey :)

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