The Inside Out Collection On Threadless


Too cute! Threadless has just announced it’s Inside Out collection and being quite the Inside Out fan, this is just way too cute for me to handle. I’m supposed to be on a shopping ban after splurging on Taobao’s 11.11 sale but this is just screaming out to me.

The Inside Out Collection is here!

And so I told myself, maybe just pick one. But which one? Why do most of the designs have to be soooooo cute!??!

threadless1 threadless2

Sadness kinda grew on me towards the end. Initially, I thought she was just way too annoying. But then I somehow felt like I could relate to this melancholy character.

This one is colorful and unique even though it makes Riley’s head resemble a gumball machine.

I love this too because you get all of the emotions on 1 tee making it the most band for buck!

But how can you say No to the abstract Bingbong, Joy and Sadness?

This one reminds of TsumTsums and it’s simply cuteness overloaded! Now, how am I ever going to make a choice!?!

Do you have a favorite? I’m wondering if waiting till black friday would mean slashed prices though. 😛

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