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Recently, it seems like I’ve become quite the domesticated goddess. It all started with a pot of beef stew gone wrong when I somehow managed to burn the carrots. I blame it on the pot though. Anyway, the good thing that blossomed out of this mess was that I started trying my hand at more dishes.

In the past, cooking was the last thing on my mind. And if I did cook, it would usually be an omelette or pasta, because pasta is really easy to whip up. But other dishes needed more

I was craving for hot plate tofu and decided to try making it myself. I found recipes online, mostly from a local blogger NoobCook. The recipes on the site were really easy and simple to follow. There were times when I didn’t have all the ingredients and I just made do with what I had. Sometimes, I would leave out stuff which I didn’t like either.

Here are the Watercress Pork Ribs Soup recipe and Hot Plate Tofu recipe if you are interested.

I got more adventurous the next round and tried cooking 3 dishes.

This time round, there’s a soup, vegetable and meat dish.

ABC recipe
Stir fry black pepper beef recipe
Thai stir fry spinach recipe

On Friday night, we had a simple one dish item to go with rice. It tasted really good and was surprisingly easy to make.

This is the recipe from NoobCook if you are interested. I left out the frozen peas because I’m not a fan of those.

On Sunday night, I tried making beef noodles. Unfortunately, I had to cheat a little and use beef broth. It was really difficult to find an online recipe for beef kway teow soup so I sort of stumbled around with this and luckily it turned out pretty good.

The latest I had prepared was an attempt at steamed cod. There’s this place where we would usually go for steamed cod fish with soya sauce that tasted so good and I wanted to replicate this at home. I searched online and found out that the secret ingredient was rock sugar.

I found this recipe online for the cod fish and adding garlic was really refreshing. It gave the fish much more flavor and I think I might have used a little bit too much rock sugar but I have a better idea on how to perfect the dish now. The other dish is a stir fry beef with broccoli which I added black pepper to spice it up.

And I can’t wait to try out some more dishes soon, will blog about it soon :)


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