Staycation At Punggol Ranch Resort For Asher’s Birthday


We had a little staycation over the weekend at Punggol Ranch Resort to celebrate Asher’s 3rd birthday. I think it is amazing how my little bun is looking all grown up already. I had been cracking my brains for a venue for his 3rd birthday since a few months back. For his first big bash, we had it held at KidsAmaze, then the 2nd one was done in our home and now I needed a fresh, new location for a cosy little private party with family and close friends.

Then I thought since he was fascinated with the horses and ponies whenever we visited Punggol Ranch, why not there? In fact, I had been trying to book a room there but apparently, it is very popular especially with families with young children. So when I finally scored a room via, I was elated!

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I had booked the family wagon back in late August but I didn’t expect the haze to persist for this long. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful for everyone who turned up for the BBQ party despite the haze.

So our cabin was the “Family Wagon” which is around 30sqm, a rather decent and reasonable space that could hold at least 10 or more people if they needed a break from the haze. It comes with a single and queen sized bed, along with a bathroom attached. The room is air-conditioned and is equipped with a TV and fridge. They do not serve breakfast even though it is listed as a 3 stars hotel on Agoda. I would think of it more as a chalet but with hotel rates, since I could easily get a studio or premier loft room at M hotel with that amount.


So unlike the other chalets, this “family wagon” does not come cheap. Just the room alone cost me S$230 per night though it comes along with 2 free horse/pony rides. And for that price, you would expect a certain standard, right? I was disappointed to find that the towels provided had black mould on them :( I’m so glad that I had packed Asher’s towel for the staycation.

But to be fair, other than that, the place was pretty comfortable and decent. However, it might not be a place where I would return for another staycation. I guess the novelty of living near the horses kind of wears off quickly.

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The highlight of the stay would definitely be the horses and the opportunity to ride and feed these majestic and beautiful creatures. You could purchase a ticket for a horse or pony ride at S$10. You could also purchase carrots to feed the horses and ponies at S$2 per bag.

Asher was pretty apprehensive over his pony ride though. But once it was over, he told me that it was fun and he wasn’t afraid. However, he was reluctant to go on for another ride. Hmmm… kids.

I gave the other ticket to my sister who made good use of it. And I was supposed to go for a ride too but chickened out in the end. It might sound silly but I was intimidated by the muscular thighs of the horses. LOL!


And like all parties, we ended the day with the cake cutting ceremony. This is the simple dessert table setup which I had done up for him. Our theme for the party was Dinosaurs, which is one of his favorite animals of all time. Looks like he had enjoyed himself a lot so it was all worth the effort.

I stayed indoors in the wagon most of the time and so I didn’t manage to take photos of the BBQ outside. We would probably be exploring other chalets the next round we want to have a BBQ party.

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