Rainy (or Hazy) Day Indoor Activities With Your Toddler



So the haze (or rain) might have kept you and your toddler indoors longer than expected but fret not, because there are so many activities you could do so in the comforts of your very own home. It’s time to stock up on some of the items required for these activities and best of all, you don’t need to get out of the house to purchase them. Hooray for online shopping!


Art & Craft


One of my boy’s favorite activities would be to paint and mummy gets some time out for herself too. It is a budget activity which involves some child-friendly, toxic-free paints, a paintbrush and a few sheets of paper. I usually go for mahjong paper because of its quality and large surface area. Let your little one express his artistic side while you relax and indulge in a cup of coffee.


Reading is a vital skill that develops the mind. It is also a great bonding activity that can be enjoyed together with your child. Starting them early is one way to cultivate this positive habit.


Not having to travel down to the public library is one of the many reasons which I started a mini library for my boy. Besides, children books in libraries are often abused to the core; with torn, missing pages, bitten edges and who knows how much filth and germs. It is also our good to corner when we are stuck at home. However, there is no need to start a collection if you do not want to. You can always just purchase a couple of classic books or find ones based on your child’s favorite things. Think Thomas the Engine for boys who are into trains.


To jazz things up, create activities to go along with the story. Print out and laminate pictures from the story book or use props such as soft toys and toy figurines as part of your story-telling. Shop for books online at Fishpond and Book Depository.

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are super fun and great for exploring with your little one. They not only promote fine motor skills but also tactile perception, imaginative play, language skill and much more.


When it comes to filling up sensory bins, the possibilities are endless. You could even create one based around the theme of a story which your child enjoys. Sand, water beads, macaroni shells, rice and corn are just a few of the favorite bases used in sensory bins. For more sensory bin ideas, head over to Pinterest to get inspired.

Kinetic Sand


Miss building sand castles by the beach when the weather was better? Now you can enjoy this popular beach activity with kinetic sand. It mimics the physical properties of wet sand and can be moulded into whatever shape you want to. The beauty of this product is that unlike normal sand, it sticks together, hence, makes tidying up after play a breeze. Kinetic sand makes for great sensory play and for tactile experience. It is also known to be used as a calming tool in therapy sessions as well. You can purchase kinetic sand off online stores such as Qoo10.sg  and Lazada.sg.


If sand isn’t your thing then playdoh is an awesome alternative. Like the sand, Playdoh promotes fine motor development. It is also a good opportunity to teach colours given the numerous shades in which Playdoh is available in. Expect hours of open-ended and imaginative play with the different mould shapes that comes along with each Playdoh set. Purchase your Playdoh online from Lazada.sg

Cooking or Baking

Should you be feeling adventurous enough, you could try cooking/baking with your toddler. We prefer baking as it is more suitable for under 3s (though we have attempted frying an egg and making pancakes together). Your child might even draw similarities from kneading the dough with his playtime with Playdoh. Baking with your toddler incorporates fine motor, counting, weighing, sequencing, measuring skills just to name a few. Take this opportunity to introduce the different ingredients and even let your child taste some. (Example, salt or sugar). Describe the texture, taste and colour of the ingredients as you go along. Here is a great guide on cooking skills by age which you could refer to.

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