[Review] IQueen 3D Secret Cleanser Brush


I’d received my first electronic cleanser brush and it’s quite interesting. This is the IQueen 3D Secret Cleanser Brush from Korea. It has a specially formulated anti-microbial brush made of silicone which is why it is soft and flexible to touch. There is a switch on the wand which you press to make the brush head vibrate as you are cleansing. 12,000rpm of vibration helps create micro bubbles that effectively cleanses off dead skin and clogged pores. I had such satisfaction using this over my nose because it’s always so congested over there.

For a first timer to cleansing brushes, this is really simple to use. First, you wet your face to prep it for the cleansing and then you rinse the brush under running water. Next, you add your cleanser onto the brush. Lastly, you can start cleansing.

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This is my first electronic facial cleansing brush so I can only compare it with the conventional method of cleansing your face with just your bare hands. I must admit that I very much prefer using the cleansing brush because it felt more efficient and effective in cleansing. In the past, I would need to use a facial scrub to exfoliate the skin but now I can skip that with this handy tool. With each usage, it is like receiving a massage thanks to the tiny grooves of the brush head that gently scrubs away dirt, dead skin and unclogs pores

You could also use this brush for makeup removal too! Simply just follow the same steps as above but with a cleanser that’s meant for removing makeup. For a better idea on how to use the IQueen 3D Secret Cleanser, please check out this video too.

My only grouse would be that you have to continuously press on the power button for it to work. I think it would have worked better if there was an ON/OFF switch instead. But then again, this is retailing at a very affordable price of just S$54 only, so I guess I shouldn’t complain much. If you are interested in purchasing this product, please check it out at BeautyFresh or Lazada.


There are 3 colors to choose from and my personal favorite would be the metal silver because it looks so slick.

More information on IQueen products can be found at their Official Distributor Website and Facebook Page.

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