Kakis Bistro & Bar New Breakfast Menu


We spent our last Saturday morning at Kakis, a bistro & bar located in the heart of Changi Village. Surrounded by lush greenery and ample space for Asher to explore while we enjoyed our hearty breakfast.


They have just rolled out an all new weekend breakfast menu so you can bring your family and friends over to chill out, enjoy mother nature and the great outdoors.

This is the breakfast menu which also doubles up as a coloring sheet to keep the little kiddos occupied.

One of their star items on the menu was the Nasi Lemak. Love the fried chicken so much!


This is the Rosti with Jumbo Hot Dog.


And lucky Asher was spoilt for choice because he got both kid’s meals. Check out the Kiddy Pancake which I enjoyed as well.


I guess, you can never go wrong with pan cakes and maple syrup. They even served up a banana as an healthy snack.

The Little Hero’s Big Breakfast was a hit with us as well.  So I believe the Gardener’s Big Breakfast would be great for the adult if you think this was good. As this is scaled-down, miniature version for the little ones.


I just love the American styled breakfast because they have a little bit of everything. There’s the toast, the eggs, sausages, tomatoes and bacon. What a perfect combination!


It was quite a hot and humid day so we went through at least 3 glasses of beverages. Kakis serve the usual coffees and teas while the kids can enjoy Milo or Horlicks. They also have the Detox Infused Fruit Drinks. And after trying out a couple of flavors, we strongly recommend the Detox Infused Apple Drink.


There’s lots of space and lush greenery surrounding this bistro and bar. It’s a nice and quiet place to chill out with family or friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Kids get to roam around and enjoy nature. While the adults could have a go at the golf range just beside it.

Kakis is located at 289 Farnborough Road Singapore, Singapore 509747. Do check out their website for more information – Kakis.sg


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