[Giveaway] Ziaja Purifying Manuka Tree


Previously, I had tried out the Ziaja Marine Algae range along with my mom and both of us had no issues using it. Today, I’m excited to be sharing on another range by Ziaja,  Purifying Manuka Tree which is a the latest range that is currently available at Watsons stores.

I have 2 sets to giveaway but before that, let’s learn more about this range.
The Manuka Tree line is made up of these five products:

Normalising cleansing gel
Astringent face toner
Normalising day cream
Exfoliating night cream
Deeply cleansing peeling paste

The products I was given to try out were the Normalising day cream, Exfoliating night cream and Deeply cleansing peeling paste.


As it was recommended for oily to combination skin, I was initially worried that it would dry out my skin since my skin type is more of normal to dry. In the morning, I would start out with the Deeply Cleansing Peeling Paste. It contains astringent and exfoliating properties which helps to reduce skin imperfections, prevents blackheads formation,
unblocks pores and prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments.


Made with manuka leaves extract, this cleanser also comes with micro-beads for a thorough exfoliating session. I felt that it did a pretty good job in declogging some of my pores and removing blackheads. Most importantly, it did not dry out my skin after each cleansing session.

Next, I would follow up with the Normalising Day Cream that includes SPF 10 low protection. This works great for me because I am indoors at home most of the time and the low SPF would be sufficient for me. It is a myth that you do not need sunscreen even if you spend most of the day indoors. As long as your skin is exposed to daylight, even through the windows, you would need a sunscreen and so this is just perfect for me.


The Normalising Day Cream has a slightly thick and creamy, I was expecting it to leave a white sheen due to its sunscreen properties. However, after blending it onto my skin, the cream is fully absorbed without a trace.

It contains antibacterial manuka leaves extract, astringent – soothing zinc gluconate
and normalising oleanolic acid to effectively reduce skin imperfections, regulate the sebaceous glands activity, reduce oily skin and provides mutinying effect while reducing blackheads and preventing their formation as well as evening out the skin tone.
Deeply moisturising active ingredients such as bioavailable hyaluronic acid salt and brown algae Laminaria ochloreuca help moisturises and soothes irritations.


At night, I would use the Exfoliating Night Cream as part of my night time skin care regime. It is a gently exfoliating, moisturising night cream with 3% almond acid. It’s deeply purifying active ingredients include anti-acne, exfoliating almond acid, antibacterial manuka leaves extract and astringent- soothing zinc gluconate which helps exfoliates and regenerates the skin without causing irritation, reduces acne lesions, brightens skin discoloration caused by sun and inflammation, reduces blackheads and dilated pores. Skin firmness and elasticity are also improved while the skin tone is evened out.


I love how the texture of the night cream is so lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. You don’t even feel a thing after application.

If you are keen in trying out the Manuka Tree Line, do check them out in Watsons stores or you could try your luck here :) I have 2 sets of the peeling paste, day cream and night cream to give away.

Here’s how to participate:

1 ) LIKE my Facebook Page A Beauty Affair

2) Answer this question “How many products are there in the Manuka Tree line?

3) Leave your answer in a comment on this post in my FB page http://tinyurl.com/Beautyaffair-ZiajaGiveaway then LIKE & SHARE the post

All participants have to have a local mailing address in Singapore in order to receive the prize should you be selected as one of the lucky winners. Good luck :)

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