August Is The Month For Shopping


August is a special month for Singaporeans because it is marks the nation’s 50th year of independence. And it also happens to be a month full of sales where one can snap up irresistible bargains. I am so broke this August no thanks to all the shopping. Firstly, I had decided to learn how to shop from on my own and I’m so addicted to the site because you can almost find everything on it at low prices. In fact, I’m already on my 3rd shipment now.

Collage 2015-08-18 19_07_46

Then there was the Craziest’s Toys Fair at Takashimaya shopping centre. I went on three separate days because they kept putting up new items and marking down the prices as the week progresses. We spent a total of S$200+ on:
5 Dinosaur tees at just S$6 each
2 Disney watches at S$5 each
an art easel S$35.90
Tipster robot S$29.90 (Selling at S$129.90 in Toys R Us, was marked down from S$50 to S$29.90 at the sale)
Stamping art kit S$8
Sanrio Shinkansen Backpack at S$20
Airport play set S$19.90
Disney Mickey Bedsheets at just S$15 (Super Single)
Glo Glo Inkoo at just S$15
Sanrio Rilakkuma Backpack at S$20

The above photo shows some of my the Toys’ sale. And that includes some educational puzzles, digital camera for kids and 26 new books from Taobao to add to our ever-growing collection. I think I’ve spent around S$800 (including shipping) on Taobao so far, it is that addictive!

2015-08-18 19.39.11

The 2nd shipment was made up mostly of my clothes and there were some hits and misses. But overall, I was quite happy with my loots. I bought around 9 to 10 pieces and these are a few of my favorite ones.

Collage 2015-08-18 19_11_50

And here’s my loot from FOS in JB, they were having this irresistible promotion where you spent a minimum of 300rm and get 60% off. So I paid only 126RM for all of the above and given the super high exchange rate now. It all worked out to an average of just S$3+ per item. Super duper worth it! Only thing is that it’s quite dangerous to drive to JB especially if you own a Honda. There have been three Singapore registered Hondas that have been stolen in JB.

I guess you can see that I’ve spent mostly on Asher and yes, my shopping habits have changed ever since I had him. I find it more exciting shopping for him than myself 😛 Hopefully, there won’t be that many sales coming up so that I can save up some money before splurging again.


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