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Just realized that it is we are 3/4 way past July and I have not been blogging much this month. Just what have I been so busy with? I have absolutely no idea, time seems to fly back these days. So just a short recap on what I’ve been up to and what I’ve discovered.

The early part of July had been busy, we were out and about. Sea Aquarium, Kids Stop, discovering new playgrounds and re-introducing sushi to the boy.


We went to Dazzling Cafe to check it out and see what’s the hype all about. So we reached around 5.30pm and there was already a queue of 4-5 tables ahead. And guess what? We waited for at least 45 minutes to get seated. That is the longest I had ever waited to eat out. I guess when you reach a certain age like me, you don’t do all these hipster stuff like queue up that long to eat in a hipster cafe. However, since we were in the queue for some time already, it didn’t make sense to just leave for some other place so we just decided to continue waiting.

When you wait for something that long, you start raising your expectation of the food and service. Unfortunately, food took quite awhile to be served, especially the honey toast, we were told that you would need to wait at least 30 minutes for it. But we weren’t informed of this before we ordered. So they only started the 30 minutes countdown when we asked for the dessert to be served.

11059514_10154021506039606_2276908689028476947_nOverall, the food was nothing much to shout about though the honey toast was decent. The three of us had a main course each, ordered a drink each and shared this dessert. And we managed to chalk up a bill of S$111+. That’s pretty much on the high side when there was nothing spectacular about the dishes or the place.


And just when you thought I had enough of waiting really long for food. The very next day, we found ourselves waiting for an hour at Toa Payoh Lor 4 for their claypot Hokkien Mee which my husband found nothing much to rave about. It was delicious but nothing worth the 1 hour wait.


Ok so it seems like I’m just pigging out a lot this July. But anyway, we were at The Grandstand the next day to collect a toy I’d won from Chillax Market. And we saw a queue for the ban mian at the Nam Lee Handmade Pau store where they sold soya bean milk and XL steamed paus. The typical Singaporean mentality took over all logic as long queues must mean good food, no? Anyway, we didn’t have to wait 45mins to an hour for this. The queue was pretty fast-moving and I would say that this was a pretty good bowl of maggie mian.

Alright, enough about food and now on Fashion. The hubby discovered Tate & Tonic and we decided to give it a go. I thought it was a subscription box but no, it’s actually a personal shopping service.


You sign up, list down your fashion preferences and then wait for the handpicked pieces to reach you via courier FREE OF CHARGE. You then get to try out the clothings and shoes before deciding if you would like to purchase any. And you only pay for what you decide to keep.


The rest could be returned back to Tate & Tonic FOC. The same applies if you decide not to get anything at all and return the whole box.


What an interesting concept, right? I also just found out that they do have one for the ladies too, not sure if I should sign up for it though I definitely would love to receive such surprises. We shall see how because I’m expecting loots from Taobao to arrive. I’ll blog about it soon, I’ve been buying so much stuff for the boy from China 😛

And that sums up my previous week… I’m looking forward to the weekend again :)

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  1. Thanks for the write up Charlotte!
    Guess what? we just launched our women business a few days ago: her.tatetonic.com
    Hope you will enjoy it as much as your hubby :)

    Matteo – Co-Founder, TATE & TONIC

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