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Previously, I had blogged about the most pampering facial I’d received at Pure Tincture. Just a short recap, Pure Tincture is a beauty spa that offers beauty treatments such as facials, waxing and more. And that is not just all, they also offer a wide range of organic skincare brands such as Pai, Suki Pure, Ila spa, Santaverde, Osea and many more.

I was recommended the Suki range. I have dry skin and these were the products which were given to me for my daily skincare regime.


So I begin with my day routine with the suki Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion. I like how it cleanses without drying out my skin. Do note that this does not remove makeup so I only use it in the morning or during evenings where I do not have makeup on. The texture is really light and it smells heavenly, thanks to the 100% pure steam-distilled essential oils.


Just massage enough onto your face and neck before rinsing off with water. The next step would be to use the suki Concentrated Strengthening Toner. I would usually skip toners in my past regime but then I realized the importance of double-cleansing and using one. The suki Concentrated Strengthening Toner comes in a spray bottle format and that compliments its versatility. You could spray some on a cotton pad to do your double-cleasning. Or just simply mist over your face and neck to prep the skin for your skincare routine. You could also use it as a pick-me-up mist to refresh your skin especially on hot and humid days or in air-conditioned environments that cause your skin to feel dry and tight.


The suki Concentrated Strengthening Toner is a medicinal grade antioxidant tincture that contains a healing proprietary blend of rose, calendula & lavender which explains why it smells so good and therapeutic. The powerful standardized pharmaceutical grade shiitake, antioxidants green tea & olive leaf help prevent early signs of aging, protect the complexion by fighting against environmental aggressors & repair past damage while balancing ph.

Sometimes I would just apply the day cream straightaway but on days where I feel like my skin needs something extra. I would use the suki Radical Results Youth Serum which is known to aid in fighting free radical oxidation, premature signs of aging & the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, sagging, thinning skin & loss of firmness.


For this product, it comes in a dropper bottle and a little goes a long way. You would just need 1-2 drops of the serum, warm it up on your palms before applying it to the face. The texture is really lightweight and is absorbed almost immediately upon application.

Last but not least, to finish up my day routine, I use the suki Nourishing Day Cream. The key ingredient in this product is vitamin C, which as an volatile acid, is easily oxidized on your skin & used in minute proportions in most skincare. Suki pure’s stabilized TLC vitamin C™ is highly concentrated & deeply penetrating to address signs of premature aging without the irritating & inflammatory VSA (Volatile Synthetic Active®) response primitive forms of vitamin C have.


Just like the rest of the suki products, the day cream has a lightweight and smooth texture which is easily absorbed by the skin. My skin feels moisturized and protected to face the day ahead.


And when night comes, I repeat the above steps except for the last where I use the suki Balancing Facial Oil instead. As my skin tends to get dry easily especially since I sleep in an air-conditioned room, the facial oil helps keep my skin hydrated.

To be honest, I was initially skeptical about using a facial oil because I feared that it might be too oily for my skin. My worries were unfounded as the suki Balancing Facial Oil was surprisingly lightweight and easily absorbed upon application. No oily residue or breaking out in pimples at all. I get to wake up to soft, moisturized skin in the morning thanks to suki pure. So it’s no surprise that the suki Balancing Facial Oil was voted Best Facial Oil in the Healing Lifestyles and Spas’ Earth Day Awards 2015.


Last but not least, this is my favorite product of the lot. The suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser which I use as a weekly maintenance for my skin. It is recommended to use it 2 to 3 times a week to rid the skin of clogged pores and dead skin.


You are supposed to wet your hands and blend a small amount onto your palms before massaging your face and neck with it. Once it comes in contact with water, the tiny natural sugar crystals dissolve into a very gentle scrub.


I was wondering its effectiveness since I could hardly feel the crystals on my skin. However, upon rinsing my face, I could instantly feel the difference. My skin felt baby smooth to touch! It was amazing!

These suki skincare products contains components of 100% pure steam-distilled essential oils, making each step of my skincare regime feel like a pampering spa session that relaxes my mind and body. I’m impressed by how each product which I’ve tried and tested is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave any sticky after feel. As someone who hardly reads the labels of the skincare products she uses, I get a peace of mind knowing that suki pure commits to 100% pure ingredients from botanical content.

You can head down to Pure Tincture’s online shop to purchase Suki Pure skincare products. They are having a 20% off promo on all suki Pure products now! 😀

If you want to try out the products, you can select from their trial kits for combo to oily skin or combo to dry skin.

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