5 Things Introverts Wished You Knew About Them


For the longest time, I’ve identified as an introvert. According to the Dictionary.com, this term was introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung to describe a person whose motives and actions are directed inward. Introverts tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings and minimize their contact with other people.

Close friends tend to laugh it off when I share that I’m one. Perhaps when I am around them, I appear pretty fun to hang out with and that seems like the total opposite of an introvert. Contrary to belief,  introverts can be fun people too, just that they only show their humorous and lighthearted side to those who are close to them. This is probably why those who do not really know me, might find me unfriendly and even label me as arrogant. So today, I would like to set the record straight….

#1 – We are not aloof

I dread social gatherings because of the small talk. Introverts find it superficial and cumbersome. The same goes for networking events. But people often mistake our non-participance at such an event as being aloof and arrogant. The truth is, we introverts just hate small talk, not the people. But we are actually pretty nice folks if you happen to get to know us.

#2 – We connect better with those whom we are close to

My friends don’t believe that I am an introvert because I can be an interesting person to hang out with. But put me in a party where I don’t know anyone and chances are I won’t even turn up. Introverts really hate the small talk so making new friends is usually out of the question. And why go to a party when you can just spend time, lazing on your comfy bed doing nothing much. That brings us to my next point…

#3 – We enjoy being alone and unproductive


Social gatherings sap the energy out of introverts and we need some alone time to recharge. I enjoy spending time by myself and having nothing to do makes it even better. Introverts don’t get bored or antsy but find just watching the world go by extremely therapeutic. Driving alone at night (or at least in my case with the boy asleep in the car seat behind) is something I enjoy. It gives me the opportunity to sort my thoughts and relax. Staying at home works for me as well, I can stay indoors for at least 3 consecutive days without feeling caged. Well, as long as the internet is working, I am all good.

#4 – We connect best with extroverts

It is strange but I think almost everyone that’s close to me is an extrovert. They say opposites attract and that is so true! We compliment each other perfectly. This is why my husband is an extrovert. My close friends are extroverts too. Though my BFF is slightly more complicated; I would label her as an extrovert introvert.

#5 – We prefer communicating via writing instead of talking to another human being


I dread having to talk to a complete stranger even if it is just a call to order some fries and a burger. This is why I’m eternally grateful for the invention of the internet. I can do my orders online instead of having to call in. Automated phone services are another great invention. The only times I actually call up the customer service officers is when I have no other choice. If I had an issue with a company, I would write an email. If I had an inquiry, I would send them an email too. Oh and I do my reservations online as well. If I had to see a shrink, I think I might need an iPad to communicate.

#6 – I look fierce or upset all the time


Nothing really to do with being an introvert but hey, heard of the resting bitch face? I probably have that.



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