Tips For A Successful Internship


Finding a job can be a tough challenge especially if you do not have any experience. And yet to gain experience, one must first find a job. You may have a (good) degree but what are your options if that alone does not do much to differentiate you from your competitors? This is where internships and part time jobs for students play an important role in your career path. Internships allow you to gain valuable work experience, get a grounded feel of the industry and get noticed by employers seeking top talents.


My one and only internship was during my final year in Polytechnic where I was assigned to an IT department of a local firm and required to code in a programming language which I would only be taught in the next semester. Needless to say, it was a nightmare and dreadful experience. Looking back, I wished that I had the resources, knowledge and opportunity to find an internship, which was better suited for my skill set. Nevertheless, it was a learning experience for me.

There were things I wished that I had done differently to experience a more fulfilling internship experience. Here are some tips, which I would like to share for a successful internship.

Finding the right fit

An internship allows you to put your knowledge and skills to the test, giving you valuable experience, which you cannot get in the classroom. And this work experience can be used to build your resume and be the differentiating factor between you and your peers. But before you are able to achieve all that, you would need to find the right fit. Make sure to research the requirements of the internship and apply for one that matches your interest and skill sets.

Set goals

Sit down with your supervisor at the beginning of the internship to discuss what is expected of you. It is also a good time to also share what you hope to gain from the internship. Set the goals and follow up often throughout the internship to make sure that you are on the right track.

Be flexible and open

It is quite common to be asked to perform tasks out of your line of duty. Just ensure that the balance between these ad-hoc tasks and your professional tasks are even, else have a discussion with your supervisor on being assigned work tasks where you could better apply your skills on. Remember to be professional about it and open to new experiences and feedback.

Stay in contact

Doing an internship gives you the opportunity to work with people from your field of studies and deal with bosses of diverse leadership skills. Not only would this hone and strengthen your people skills but also give you the chance to meet new people in the industry and expand your network. Even if you do not get offered a permanent job after your internship, stay in contact with those that you have met so that they could keep you in mind when an opportunity arises.


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