The Face Inc Singapore Customized Skincare Regime


Good skin promotes individual self esteem, and the folks down over at The Face Inc believes that everyone deserves the best.


Not everything in life comes in a one size fits all package and skin care is one of those things. Which is why The Face Inc aims to provide a skincare regime that is specially customized according to your skin type, along with the right products usually only available through prescription by skin doctors and dermatologists.

Dr Rei, The Face Inc‘s digital skin doctor will analyse your skin condition through a systematic online mapping platform. Receive your free consultation via the website, where you would be given a prescription number along with the personalised skincare regime tailored to your needs. You may then purchase the products and your prescription card would be delivered to you along with your order.


The prescription card advises you on the products to use for the day regime and the night regime.

For the day regime, I am recommended the following products in order of usage:


1) Cleansing Gel
2) Active Toner
3) Anti-oxidant
4) Collagen Boost
5) Moisturizer
6) UV Defense Tinted

For the night regime, these were the products I were recommended in order of usage:


1) Cleansing Gel
2) Active Toner
3) Cell Renewal
4) Anti Oxidant
5) Collagen Boost


Apart from the above products, I have also received the Cleansing Milk which is a personal favorite. I love how easily it compliments my cleansing regime especially after I had my eyelash extensions done. I would usually use the cleansing milk to remove my makeup before double cleansing with the cleansing gel. The cleansing milk contains Aloe Vera extract which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to renew and tone by removing dead skin cell. It also helps to keep the skin moisturised and supple.

The Cleansing Gel is a proprietary cleansing formulation that hydrates and tones all skin types. Cucumber extract contained within acts as a skin conditioning and softening agent, and has mild exfoliating properties. I like how the cleansing gel refreshed my skin after rinsing and did not leave any tight after feel.

The Active Toner contains AHAs for an enhanced cleansing process., citric and Lactic Acids removes dead skin cells to reduce wrinkles, discoloration and roughness, to reveal a radiant skin. While Allantoin increases the extracellular water content of skin to stimulate healthy tissue formation.

The Anti-oxidant has maximum Vitamin C content to encourage collagen and elastin production. It controls the adverse effects of photo-damage and premature skin aging. Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbyl Tetraisoplamitate suppresses pigmentation of the skin and improves skin elasticity by stimulation of collagen synthesis.  A little goes a long way with this one, just 1-2 pumps is sufficient for the whole face. Sometimes, I use a little more for my neck as well. It is absorbed quickly into the skin and gives me a pumped up feeling.

The Collagen Boost is an oil-free formulation that prevents the breakdown of collagen while stimulating cell renewal. Argireline works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines brought on by repeated facial expressions. It also increases overall skin firmness and elasticity. Just like the Anti-oxidant, a little bit goes a long way for this product. I found that 2 pumps were more than enough for my entire face and neck.

The Moisturizer comes in a formulation that is suitable for all skin types. Sodium Hyaluronate is an excellent hydrator that stimulates new cell growth, repairs tissues and maintains an elastic skin. It also aids in the transport of essential nutrients to viable skin cells and supports the formation of collagen. Green Tea extract acts as an anti oxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Like the rest of the products, the moisturizer is easily absorbed onto the skin upon application. It helps keep my skin feeling hydrated all day and night.


Another of my personal favorites would be the UV Defense SPF 50 Tinted. Sunscreen is essential in protecting the skin against harmful UV rays, prevention of sunburn and photo-damage. The Face Inc’s proprietary blend of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide delivers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, while Vitamin E acts as an anti oxidant and moisturising agent. I like that it is tinted and gives me adequate coverage not only on the sun protection aspect but also covers up my blemishes for days where I do not feel like wearing foundation.

And with that, we have come to the end of the day regime. I’ll be introducing a night regime product which have not been mentioned. As you can see, there are a couple of products which are used in both the day and night regime.

Cell Renewal is used at night because that is the time where the skin rejuvenates and renews itself. This product promotes cell renewal and stimulates collagen production. Retinol, a form of Vitamin A which is present, resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin by penetrating beyond the outer layers of the skin to repair the dermis where collagen and elastin reside. Salicylic Acid, removes dead skin readily to allow room for new cell growth. It may leave a slightly sticky-after feel upon application but goes away once it is completely dry.

And even though the moisturizer wasn’t part of the night regime for me, I was surprised that my skin was kept hydrated throughout the night in an air-conditioned bedroom with the combination of the Anti-oxidantCollagen Boost and Cell Renewal.

While it is advisable to follow the prescription card and complete all the steps of the recommended regime. But for those who have been reading my blog would know that I am not a fan of a many step skincare regime so I must admit that there are times where I sometimes skip a step or two. However, there is really no hard or fast rule. And that hasn’t stopped me from achieving the complexion I want with the Face Inc products.

Their products were reasonably priced, with some of my personal favorites priced at less than S$30 each. I also found the pump bottle packaging very hygienic and user-friendly as compared to jar packaging. It’s clear, see-through packaging also means that you would know when a product is going to be used up so that you can start purchasing a new one before it runs out.

All products introduced above can be purchased from The Face Inc. You may get your free skin consultation over at their website too. You may also like The Face Inc on Facebook to get the latest updates.

The Face Inc‘s proprietary range of products are formulated by renowned French chemists, and manufactured in reputed laboratories within Asia. The key distinction of Face Inc products against other beauty counter products is the exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients, those you only get at dermatologists or skin doctors. They are specially made to tackle the prevailing conditions of acnes and blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and scars.

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