Updates on My 3D Projection Makeover With Halley Medical Aesthetics


If you have been following my blog, you would have read about my botox & fillers procedures at Halley Medical Aesthetics, followed by Sculptra to improve the appearance of my sunken cheeks.

Unlike traditional fillers, Sculptra is not a quick fix remedy but it is known for subtle results over time, which lasts much longer too. It works by stimulating the growth of collagen for one to attain a natural and youthful appearance. Sculptra is not limited to correcting wrinkles and sagging skin but is also a popular treatment for facial volume loss. So far, I have undergone two sessions of Sculptra at Halley Medical Aesthetics.

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The photo of the left was taken around 3 days after my botox, fillers and 1st Sculptra treatment. While the photo on the right was taken 3 days after I had my 2nd Sculptra treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics. It may not be that obvious but I can already see a slight difference in the volume of my cheeks in the photos. Do note that this is not the final results, as mentioned before, Sculptra results are gradual so I will be updating again in a few months time.

For those who are curious, this was what went on during my Sculptra treatment.

Before we begin, numbing cream is applied onto the areas to be injected.

Dr Tan marked the areas of my face which he would be injecting the Sculptra into. As you can see from the markings, I would be getting Sculptra on my cheeks and the area beside my nose to correct my nasolabial folds.

sculptraAfter that, an ice pack is used to further numb the area before injecting the Sculptra.


This photo was taken after the treatment, I could put on makeup immediately to cover up the needle marks. The next step with Sculptra is to follow the 555 rule, which is simply to massage the treated areas for five minutes, five times per day for at least five days in a row. Massaging helps in the distribution of Sculptra for a smooth and natural look.

Sculptra is just part of the 3D projection makeover recommended by Dr Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics. I also had botox to slim down my jaw, and fillers for a higher nose bridge, sharper chin as well as a fuller tear trough. You can read in detail about my botox & fillers experience at Halley Medical Aesthetics here.

And yes, I love my “new” look, I find that I look less tired and more youthful-looking. Should you have any questions on the procedures I’ve done, just leave a comment or email me :) I’ll try my best to answer them.


Consultation charges on weekdays before 4pm are just S$10, after 4pm it would be S$25 and S$50 on weekdays. If you decide to take up any treatments at Halley Medical Aesthetics, the consultation charge would be waived.

Also, you could check out the treatments offered as well as the prices at Halley Medical Aesthetics website: http://halley.com.sg/page-price-list

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