Hausfernails Showcases New Nail Designs


Liliya Hudyakova showed us how closely related art and fashion are when she made sketches of nature into dresses. One of the dresses which caught my eye was the one inspired by a pinkish purplish sunset at a beach.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? So imagine the picturesque, scenic sunset on my nails. Add on some seashells and sparkling jewels, and you get this!


Here’s my latest nails done by Hausfernails, my usual manicurist that does home calls. I never really need to worry about what design she would come up with because I know I would love it. Guess what? This is my favorite design so far. It just keeps getting better and better.


The lovely words and white shells are foil art stickers. Really pretty!!



Want nails like mine? Contact Ferlyn at 90034639 now!

Mother’s day special valid for the month of May. Granny will receive $10 off. Don’t fret if you are not a grandmother yet, just quote “Charlotte” or “A Beauty Affair” for $10 off too :)
The special promo consists of:
1) Hand and nail mask 
2) Unlimited foilart or french tip design with classic gel manicure

Slots are limited. Please text Ferlyn at 90034639 for your bookings.

Do also LIKE her page for more updates. Or check out her website at You could also read all about my reviews with Hausfernails HERE.

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