Aesthetics & Beauty ‘Looking Fabulous & Gorgeous Party’


This blog post is really late but what the heck, better late than never. It’s the only event I have attended so far this 2015 though because my stay-at-home life doesn’t really let me get out often. And I must say, it was the one of the best media events I’ve ever attended.


This is the only photo I had managed to take before my battery died on me. Yes, silly me forgot to charge them the night before. Anyway, the whole event was like a beauty fair. There were several booths featuring brands such as Dr Benjamin Yim, Environ, Bene Premium, Jane Iredale and many more.

unnamed (3)

You get to try out the different products and take home samples too. It was a fun learning experience for us all. The sponsors of Aesthetics & Beauty’s Looking Fabulous & Gorgeous Party were incredibly generous too. Just check out the many goodie bags which we got to bring home.


To be honest, I’m still swarmed with products that are just waiting to be reviewed. So I have not opened up the goodie bags to try out the products yet. I’ll try my best, yeah? Anyway, thank you Aesthetic & Beauty for the invitation. Both my friend and I had such an enjoyable time there, learning about all these brands and we also got lucky during the lucky dip too. Thank you so much!

unnamed (2)

Guess what? When I received the latest copy of Aesthetic & Beauty magazine, I spotted our photos inside too. What a pleasant surprise 😛

I’m definitely looking forward to more of their events!

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