Hubby’s Birthday – Alive Museum & Staycation at Wanderlust


It was the hubby’s birthday so we celebrated with an outing to the Alive Museum at Suntec City. Adult tickets were at S$25 each but if you purchase online, there’s a 20% discount. It is my first time there and we reached slightly before noon so there wasn’t many people around. In fact, it felt like a ghost town. However, this place isn’t recommended if you have a toddler tagging along. Initially, I thought that Asher might enjoy exploring and posing for photos but no, he was just fixated with the Little Mermaid display and kept wanting to return to it. We also didn’t know that once you get past certain doors in the museum, that there was no turning back. Or you could hang around and wait for someone to open the door so that you could sneak back in. I guess that the museum did not want people hanging around for too long.



My favorite section was probably the Penguins of Madagascar because I love penguins and these animated ones were cute.




Luckily, there was another display that pipped his interest just as much as the Little Mermaid’s. It was the canoe which I thought looked pretty neat too. He didn’t want to leave the canoe and we were glad that there wasn’t many people around so he could stay there for awhile.



Anything that required him to pose lying flat on the ground got thumbs up from the boy.


Or ones that came with props like a rope in this one, he thought it was swing and attempted to sit on it.


But it wasn’t long before he got fed up waiting for mummy and daddy posing and taking photographs. Here he is throwing a tantrum and insisting that we leave the place for Polliwogs. (Yes, we went past the indoor playground and he wanted us to head back there right this instant. What a bossy little kid!) Thank goodness we were already almost done with the tour around the place. Else it would have been a waste of money. And luckily kids below 3 years of age go in for free too. But it is no wonder, since they could hardly appreciate it.


Next stop, it was our staycation at The Wanderlust hotel for a night. The Wanderlust isn’t your usual run of the mill hotel but a rather quaint little place in Little India with theme rooms on each level. Most local couples come here to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries as evident from the blog posts and photos found online. I had booked the loft room with a Space theme, it’s supposedly one of the more popular themes.


Because the hubby thought there was something wrong with the car, he left me to check in with the little terror alone while he went off to the workshop. So as expected, I couldn’t take proper pictures of the place. Here we have Asher who was captivated by these retro barber seats in the lounge area.

The lift overlooked a koi pond which was a hit for him too. Unfortunately, the other side to view the pond was only accessible via their in house French restaurant, Cocoette and they weren’t opened yet. I had to deal with a whiny little being demanding to go check out the koi pond.

This is our space loft room. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the space initially. The place looked less cramped in photos found online. But it still had room enough for 2 adults or 2 adults with a tiny terrorist known as the toddler.


The toilet and shower were in separate cubicles on the other side. There are two sinks and mirrors so that you won’t need to share or fight over it with your partner.


I love the bath tub and so did the boy. We wasted no time in enjoying a nice, hot bubble bath that night.


And the best part of a loft room was having the bed on a separate level. My inner child was overjoyed, it felt like we were staying in an urbanized tree house. Most hotels don’t recommend loft rooms to couples with young kids or elderly due to the stairs. However, under our watchful eyes, Asher managed to maneuver with ease up and down the stairs even though their steps were quite small and steep.


There isn’t much lighting in the room though, I think they wanted to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. You could draw the curtains to let in the natural light as long as you were not walking around in various states of undress and if the opposite room neighbors do not have their curtains opened too cause that would be super awkward.


We had a pleasant surprise when I discovered one of the light switches which gave this starry night effect. Asher had initially insisted on sleeping on the sofa (his current obsession at the moment) and so the stars were a life saver because he was so intrigued by them that he agreed to move up to the loft bed with us.


Overall, it was a pretty nice place to spend the night, a much refreshing change from the usual hotel room stays. And most importantly, the hubby was impressed. I did a search on Google and found a few other hotels that offered loft rooms too. One of them was M hotel and the prices were about a S$100 cheaper but don’t expect any fancy themes though.

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