[Valentine’s Day Special] Say It With Bears

Like most ladies, I have a soft spot for flowers but not when they start to wither and get all ugly and stinky. Won’t it be nice if Valentine’s day bouquets could last forever? That way, memories could be preserved for a long time.

These are not your typical Valentine’s day roses. Sure, real flowers are nice but let’s face it… they only look good for a short while before they start dying. I remember spotting flies circling my fresh flowers bouquet and the nasty stench it started to emit when it was nearing its expiry date. Trust me, it was definitely not a pretty picture.


You could avoid such an undesirable scenario by getting your sweetheart something special from Love U Beary Much. Their foam roses are obviously artificial but do not look the part. And best of all, they won’t wither or stink up the place.


So I know that there are many other sellers out there that selling plush toy bouquets too. Well, that is if you do not mind getting mass produced bouquets which are made in China factories then yeah, I guess it’s fine. At Love U Beary Much, each bouquet is lovingly put together by yours truly so no two bouquets look exactly the same! Why risk the chance of walking down town only to spot several others with the exact same bouquet too? If she is someone special in your life then she definitely deserves a one of a kind bouquet.

2015-01-29 10.36.59

Check out what Love U Beary Much has to offer over at their Facebook Page. But do hurry as most of the bouquets have already been snapped up. Get a 10% off discount when you quote “BeautyAffair“.

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