[Gel Mani/Pedi Session Giveaway] Check Out My Chinese New Year Nails by Hausfernails

My previous sheep nails were melting away due to me slaving over the bouquets for Love U Beary Much and knowing that they probably won’t look good on Chinese New Year, I made another appointment with my trusty mobile manicurist, Ferlyn of Hausfernails. I also had a pampering nail mask treatment added to the usual gel manicure. Honestly, I must be living under a rock because I didn’t know that you even had masks for nails!

So here’s what happened. As you can see, my nails looked dry and brittle after the gel nail polish removal. I have this tendency to break my nails when they grow too long too :(


So enter the Angelic White Mask 3-step treatment for strengthening your cuticles and nails with natural ingredients such as keratin and collagen.


The other treatment products in the photo above also strive to keep your nails healthy and strong but I’ll talk about them another time.

So how does the Angelic White mask treatment works? Well, there are 3 products for 3 simple steps.

IMG_0977The first step after you have your gel nail polish removed would be the application of the the green tea & avocado booster vitamin followed by a gentle massage.

Avocado oil contains a rich source of Vitamin A & E, it also enhances the penetration and rapid absorption of other nutrients. While green tea is a super potent antioxidant, well known for its healing and restorative properties. Jojoba oil smooths and improves elasticity of the cuticle and retains moisture in the mails. There’s also lemon essential oil which contains high levels of Vitamin C for whitening effects. That’s a whole load of natural goodness for your nails in that 1 tiny bottle!


Next, an even and thick coat of the Honey Oat nail mask is applied onto my nails. Did you know that Oatmeal contains 18 different amino acids which are essential for healthy nails? Well, I sure didn’t. And these amino acids act as building blocks to rebuild nail keratin tissue. It also amazingly gets absorbed by the nails so you don’t see much of it left after the 10 to 15 minutes wait.


The last step would be to apply the Keratin Essence spray onto the nails. Keratin and collagen are key protein for nails and cuticles. Keratin helps to smooth and fill in the damaged nail layers, together with collagen, it helps to strengthen and improve flexibility of the nails. Once the Keratin Essence is sprayed on, you will see this amazing reaction it has with the Honey Oat mask. Next, a tweezer is used to gently peel off the mask.

IMG_0982And the result? Strong and healthy-looking nails! Amazing, right?!?

Hausfernails is currently having a promotion for it at S$109 with free registered postage. However, you get 20% discount off if you purchase now, promotion will end on the last day of Feb 2015.

You could buy a set and keep it at home for Ferlyn to use on your nails whenever she comes over to do your manicure. Or you could also DIY since it is so simple to use. Should you wish to give it a try first before committing to a buy then it only costs S$12.90 per treatment onto of your manicure charges.

And now, presenting my cute sheepy CNY nails featuring Shaun the Sheep!


For the rest of my nails, I had red with white polka dots french tips embellished with pearls on a glittery base. It has a slight Minnie Mouse feel to it. I think my CNY nails are really cute 😛


If you want to win 1 session of gel manicure/pedicure with Hausfernails, then hurry, do join my Valentine’s Day Giveaway. CLICK HERE NOW! I will be closing the contest on 18th Feb :)

Do check out Ferlyn’s mobile manicure services. Just Call/Msg 90034639 for your bookings. Please also LIKE her page for more updates.Or check out her website at  www.hausfernails.weebly.com You could also read all about my reviews with Hausfernails HERE.

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  1. i spend valentine’s day the magical way…went to watch joe labero’s a night of magic at raffles hotel..a different kind of valentine’s day

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