A Beauty Affair Presents Valentine’s Day Awesome Giveaway!

As promised, here is the giveaway which you have been waiting for. Many thanks to the lovely and generous sponsors! Prizes up for grabs would be:


1 x RISIS Love Meets Love Bracelet worth S$248, it is the same piece which I have & been featuring in my blog posts

2 x Hydra Lift Facial Treatment at Allure Beauty worth more than S$380

1 x Classic gel manicure & pedicure by Hausfernails Mobile Manicurist worth more than S$88

1 x S$50 Zalora gift card

So in total, there would be 5 very lucky winners who would receive something lovely or get to indulge in a pampering treat.

How to participate in this draw? It’s really simple…

It would definitely up your chances for winning if you do support all the participating brands’ Facebook pages by LIKING them.

RISIS Facebook | RISIS Instagram
Allure Beauty Facebook
Hausfernails Facebook
Zalora Facebook

Leave a comment on my blog post to share your plans for Valentine’s day. As all comments on my blog will be moderated, they will only be made public once I have reviewed and approved them to make sure it is not spam. So no worries if you cannot see your comment after clicking on the POST COMMENT button.


STEP 3: 
Share this photo on your Facebook wall, make sure it is set to Public. You could also tag your friends since good things are meant to be shared! Click here to access the photo.


Contest terms & conditions
The Contest is open only to Singapore residents
Participants are required to like the sponsoring brands’ social media sites to qualify for the draw
Transport fees are not included in the prize for Hausfernail

Contest will end 18th Feb 2015

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17 thoughts on “A Beauty Affair Presents Valentine’s Day Awesome Giveaway!

  1. I have a friend visiting from the states so for this Vday, me and my wife will host Auntie Sherry and bring her out for dinner. We will have a post Vday celebration on our own after 14th feb
    IG @wlee76

  2. Even though i am single now, i can still pamper and love myself on Valentine’s Day =) As i be working on that day, i have arranged a nice pampering facial and massage for myself after i finish work. Followed by a nice “lomantic” dinner with my dad! Hehe…. We will accompany each other while my mum goes to a wedding dinner!

  3. I will be spending Valentine’s Day at Hard Rock Hotel RWS this Saturday as my first staycation with my family especially for my little man whom just joined our family last August! It’s our first ever family staycation! We will have a nice hearty buffet dinner and a sweetheart cake to top it off! Lastly, we will end the night with lotsa photo moments for memories!!!

  4. Honestly, I have no idea how my V-day will be spent. However, my boyfriend has dated me (he has to, right?) and we will be heading for dinner at “only he knows where” first. Thereafter, I will be soaked in the surprises that he has prepared for me.

  5. I’ll be spending Valentines Day with the 1st man in my life…. my Dad! Mom be away for a company trip so my poor Dad will be so lonely missing my mom…. sobz***
    Haha… I’ll be whipping up my signature clam chowder soup along with some ginormous handmade meat ball spaghetti! I’m sure Dad is going to love his LoManTik dinner with his cute adorable daughter!

  6. I will go to the hair salon for hair treatment and meet my BFFs for dinner and movie 😀

  7. My boyfriend intends to display his culinary skills after learning how to cook a steak, pumpkin pie and cheesecake from YouTube! So, I’m going to flim down this once in a lifetime opportunity of mine to be treated like a princess and I pray that the food not to difficult to swallow and I’ll shower my praises no matter what, HAHAH can’t wait for the actual day ♡♡♡

  8. I would be spending the day with my husband. We are planning to get some of our local favorite hawker food and eat it at botanic gardens ! Gonna do a picnic under the blue sky. I pray for good weather ! Valentines day to me is pretty much a marketing gimmick. What matters most is we have each other !

  9. This year will be the first Valentine that my boyfriend and I be celebrating together. It will be a fulfilling, memorable and action-packed day. Firstly, we will be taking part in the Love Hunt challenge organised by Bugis with 99 other teams, completing challenges and treasure hunt. It will be our very first race, win or lose do not matter as it’s the process we treasure. After the race, we be heading to DBS outdoor movie screening and they be showing, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, a sentimental tear jerker.. it will be a romantic time under the starry night as we picnic and toast to our sweet love that means the world to us.

  10. I’m spending the valentine’s day with my hubby and son together, have a nice meal together and out to do some bonding activity. At the same time, I’ve already given my hubby a present that he wanted! Haha hope I win something for myself. :)

  11. Morning till afternoon, most likely to spend our time with our little girl. Only when it’s night, hubby will bring me for a romantic dinner i suppose! If time allows, we might catch movies at Gold Class. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  12. This valentines day, ill be spending with my parents and siblings for a 2-in-1 CNY + VALENTINES DAY REUNION DINNER. My sisters and I will be cooking our parent’s favourite dishes like cereal prawns, steam cod fish, abalone and chicken curry! Today will be a great time bonding and creating cherished moments…. I’ll love the zalora gift (praying hard) for my birthday coming up! Hehe. Happy Valentines Day everyone! ♡♡♡♡♡

  13. Hi babe

    Thanks for the giveaway! The bracelet gives such a nostalgic feel, I guess it’s something only the kids born in 80s and before will know about hahaa.

    My plans today is that we are going to laze at home until late afternoon before going over to his maternal grandma’s place for reunion dinner since Chinese New Year is just next week. Well I do feel a little unhappy because it is our first Valentine’s Day after getting married in last Nov but he brought me out yesterday for my favourite chilli crab n salted yolk crab and made me really happy! I guess after getting married, staying in love is equally important!

    I am looking forward to steamboat later!

    Love, Graclyn

  14. There’s nothing better than to spend Valentine’s day with your very loved and dearest ones. This year Valentine’s has been a entirely different ones from my previous years. Instead of immersing in my other half, this year I spent it with my immediate and extended family and little ones. I finally understood why kids are God sent. This special
    Day has been a pretty peaceful one and brought me back to reality. That nothing matters more to me than my family who has always been there for me in difficult and trying times, seeing me through at my best and my worst. And also, am thankful that in later part of the evening, managed to enjoy golf and drinks with like minded company. This truly depicts the company matters more than anything else in the world. There’s nothing that I would exchange it for :)

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