Why I Won’t Recommend Maxi Eyes Spectro Flex Contact Lenses

I still remember the fateful day I wasted $56 on 4 pairs of these Maxi Eyes Spectro Flex contact lenses from Spectacle Hut. I thought that they were the same brands as the ones I often wore. But after paying up, I realized that the packaging was different. However, I was too embarrassed to return the goods and decided to give this brand a try. Bad mistake. So I did a quick check online and found that they were an in-house brand of Spectacle Hut. The promotion was 2 pairs for $28, 4 pairs for $56, that worked out to just $14 a pair, which was really cheap considering how I paid $20-25 for other brands.



To my disappointment, these were only 14mm in diameter, so don’t expect much of an iris-enhancing effect. Freshkon’s alluring eyes are 14.2mm and I already find them not big enough.

I’m not sure what diameter are the ones I usually wear but it’s definitely at least a 14.4 or 14.5mm. Just look at how big my eyes appear to be. Heh…

But since there were a few decent reviews for the maxi eyes spectro flux lenses online. I didn’t think much of it until I got a really bad pink eye after the 3rd usage for the 1st pair. I know irritated eyes are part and parcel of contact lens wearing. But I’ve never experienced such swelling until I tried out these lenses. Coincidence, pure bad luck or were the lenses the likely cause of my misery? I’m not sure.



I didn’t even wear it for extended hours or to sleep. In fact, ever since I’ve stopped work, I’m usually in my specs most of the time. Anyway, I had to throw the 1st pair away, that’s $14 down the bin after only a few days. What bad luck, I thought to myself.

Then, the last straw happened when the next pair I wore tore during it’s what?4th or 5th usage. It’s not even a month yet but I’ve wasted $28 on 2 pairs of lousy contact lenses when I could have used that money to buy my usual brand at $20 and keep the $8 for some Gelato ice cream afterwards.

I was surprised that it tore so easily and upon further inspection and comparison with the other brand (I forgot the brand name but it starts with Maxi Eyes too) I was using, I realized that the Maxi Eyes Spectro Flux was really thin. It was as thin as my Freshkon dailies. But you don’t worry much about lenses tearing with dailies since you discard them daily and even if they tear when you remove them at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter since you are going to dump them anyway.

So this is my penny wise pound foolish experience, you can say that I’ve learnt my lesson. No more cheap contact lenses for me. I guess I will be staying clear of the maxi eyes lenses from Spectacle Hut for good. They didn’t work for me and I honestly won’t recommend them to my friends.

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8 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Recommend Maxi Eyes Spectro Flex Contact Lenses

  1. Hi , u can always go back to the branch that you bought your Maxi Eyes & ask for an exchange to other brand :)

  2. Hello! I’m really sad by what happened to you! But some lens might cause allergy, It’s a posibility. It depends on the brand or on your eyes.
    I happen to use Freshlook color blends, they’re perfect for me!

    • Heya, freshlook is ok for me too. It’s just these in-house brand by Spectacle Hut. I found out that a number of other bloggers also found it to be too drying and tears easily.

  3. Hey! I came across your post when I was researching on Maxi Eyes SpectroFlex. I’m currently wearing it now and it produces eye goop quite a few times. Some are even on the lenses itself and not at the inner corners of my eyes. Did you experience it as well? I had this eye goop problem when I first bought it at 17 yo too. Lately it is also giving me alot of problems like discomfort, blurred vision at night and tearing :(

    • Yeah, that eye goop thingy is from getting the pink eye infection. You should dispose the lenses immediately, rest your eyes and only wear contacts once you have recovered.

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