The Rainbow Connection


From rainbow cakes to rainbow hair, it seems like this meteorological phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Would all things rainbow eventually turn out to be just a passing fad or will it be here to stay? My guess is as good as yours.

Let’s check out the rainbow items that have started a social media frenzy.

Rainbow Cake


You can’t say no to cake, especially when it contains the colors of the rainbow. For a very long time, I have seen rainbow cakes dominate birthday parties and now you can even have them in a jar or as a push pop too. With the latest being a hidden rainbow heart that only shows when you slice the cake. A surprise within a cake, how sweet!


And with Chinese new year just round the corner, you might also start spotting these rainbow kueh lapis being served during gatherings.

Rainbow Roses


If your lover is a rainbow fan then this bouquet of dyed roses is bound to steal her heart. Jumping on the bandwagon of the rainbow trend, more and more florists are offering these kaleidoscope inspired roses that are dyed to feature vibrant hues of the rainbow.

Rainbow Hair


Because a head full of pink or purple locks is too mainstream. Why stick to having a single color or maybe highlights when you could have the colors of the rainbow on your hair. I actually prefer the pastel version of the rainbow look though. It kinda reminds me The Little Pony,  Paddlepop ice cream, everything sweet oh and unicorns too! Yay or nay? You decide.


Rainbow Fashion


Now, you could be decked out in head to toes in the colors of the rainbow with the Valentiono Resort 2015 collection. Though of course, I wouldn’t exactly recommend that. Just pick ONE item, like say, this beautiful rainbow spiked heels as a fashion statement and play down the rest of your outfit.


Or be spoilt for choice with these psychedelic arm candies. I think this collection is kinda cute. You could probably consider getting one of these statement pieces for your CNY (chinese new year) outfit.


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