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We all know that Hyaluronic Acid is a must sought after ingredient in skincare because of its moisture-sealing properties, it has the ability to hold up to more than 1000 times its weight in water, it not only helps to pump up and moisturize the skin but is also known to soothe and heal it too. But did you know that Hyaluronic Acid is also a polysaccharide naturally found in our human body, with most of it in our skin tissue. And as we age, its ability to reproduce lessens and hence, all the aging signs which we fear most would start to show. Think wrinkles, saggy skin and yes, the horror list goes on.


So I was really excited when I got my hands on the Hand Chemistry’s Hyaluronic Concentrate from glamogirl.com According to the Hand Chemistry website, their formula contains a complex of five active technologies from marine and plant sources, which repairs dry skin and protects it from the elements, so hands and body are visibly transformed to a softer and more comfortable state thanks to the high moisturising and regenerating effects of a Pseudoalteromonas Algae Complex.

These are the main ingredients found in the Hyaluronic Concentrate:

Derived from a mushroom, this wonder complex is shown to be 400x more hydrating than HA alone. Tremella generates a natural flexible hydration film on the skin that reinstates dry skin to its optimally hydrated and mobile state, enabling it to develop elasticity and an overall smoother, silkier appearance and feel. Tremella equally has the capacity to prevent skin aging by boosting the growth of elastin cells, whilst preventing degradation of micro-blood vessels in the skin, reducing wrinkles and smoothing fine lines. Its antioxidant qualities also provide anti-aging effects throughout the body and skin.

Red marine algae has been proven to increase cell turnover, whilst increasing skin elasticity and hydration.

Famed wonder ingredient Hyaluronic Acid continues to remain a buzz word in the beauty industry after so many years, thanks to its incredible hydrating properties. High levels of pure, nature like Hyaluronic Acid within Hyaluronic Concentrate assist the delivery of actives in supplementary skincare, meaning that any lotions and potions applied on top of this concentrated gel treatment will be working to their full potential. With continued use, HAND CHEMISTRY’s Hyaluronic Concentrate will promote skin to retain its own moisture, minimising the need for any additional surface hydrating products.

Provides below-surface hydration, extreme long-term hydration and textural improvement to skin.


One thing that I really love about Hyaluronic Acid moisturizers are how light-weight and watery they are, making it quick to absorb without leaving any residue on the skin. And naturally, this one is a no exception. Skin instantly feels moisturized and smooth to touch. This is a great alternative to those that do not like the heavy, thick body butter versions of moisturizers.

However, I also read that Hyaluronic Acid does not work well in dry environments. So in order to make it work better, it is best to apply on slightly damp skin, such as after a shower. But with Singapore’s humidity levels, I guess this won’t be much of an issue unless you spend much time in an air-conditioned room with super low temperatures.

And you know hands are another part of the body that betrays your real age so I will be slapping on more of the Hyaluronic Concentrate too. If you are keen in getting a bottle, do check out GlamoGirl.com , where they stock some of the Hand Chemistry range. Or you could join my giveaway to try out a bottle of Hyaluronic Acid goodness!

Thanks to the generous folks at Glamogirl.com , I have 3 boxes of Hyaluronic Concentrate worth S$48.90 each to giveaway.


Here’s how you can participate in the giveaway.

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Contest ends 31st Jan 2015. Winners will be randomly selected.


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  1. Red Marine Algae loves skin by increasing cell turnover and improving skin elasticity and hydration.

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