Etude House Arctic Aurora Colors

2015-01-07 12.17.40


Here’s presenting the Winter 2014 Arctic Aurora Colours Collection. I’d received these gorgeous eye colors from Etude House some time in Dec last year but had only managed to try them out recently.  Check out the adorable winter-theme inspired names for their shade sand the super sweet packaging. I love the heart-shaped imprints they have on the eyeshadow itself too.



Sorry if the above swatches are not clear enough, the sunlight was too strong and I guess I did not apply enough for it to be captured on photo. But as you would have guessed, the colors are pretty light unless you apply more.

Here are better shots in which I’d applied much more on my arm. Please pardon the dried blood though :X





I love the shimmers in the shades and GR705 Tip of Iceberg looks so pretty on my arm though I have yet to try it on my eyelids yet. However, I did manage to try out WH902 Igloo of Siberia and OR205 Fruit Sorbeto over the weekend. I must admit that I’m still very much an amateur at applying eye shadow. I had the WH902 applied on the whole lid and added some depth using the OR205 towards the outer areas of the eyelid.

IMG_20150124_2Well, at least the outcome looked pretty good. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the colors. I really ought to start watching more tutorials and learning how to apply eyeshadow properly though. 😛


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