[Review] Why Use A Menstrual Cup – Pros & Cons

I still remember the first time I wore a tampon and ever since then, there was no turning back. Sanitary pads have always been more of a hindrance during the most dreaded period of the month. You could not wear a thong with a sanitary pad and hence, you would need to pick clothes that won’t give you a VPL (Visible Panty Line). Similar to the tampon, the menstrual cup gives you a carefree feeling. You do not even feel it at all when inserted correctly.

Unlike the tampon or sanitary pad, the menstrual cup works by collecting the menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. Menstrual cups have fewer health risks as compared to tampons and are also more environmentally-friendly, especially if you opt for the reusable ones.


This is one of the menstrual cups I’ve tried recently. It kind of looks like an oversized condom and you might be overwhelmed by the size. But no worries, just like the tampon, you won’t feel a thing once it is inserted correctly.

This is how you wear a menstrual cup:


  1. To insert, squeeze the opposite sides of the rim together.
  2. Insert menstrual cup completely into the vagina.
  3. The menstrual cup moulds itself to your internal shape, creating a personal fit. You should be able to wear menstrual cup for twice as long as you would wear a tampon. With experience, you will learn what works best for you.
  4. To remove the menstrual cup, simply hook your finger under the rim and pull slowly.(Taken from the Instead cup website)


Longer wearing hours: One of the reasons why I am a convert is that you can wear the menstrual cup for up to 12 hours. With a tampon, you are advised to change within 3-6 hours.

Carefree feeling: Wearing a menstrual cup allows me to carry on with the day’s activities without much worry. And at night, I get to sleep through in comfort and not have to worry about leakages. However, if you have a heavy cycle, it is best to limit it to 8-10 hours instead. The cup has not leaked on me yet but once when I had a heavy cycle, I knew that it was almost full because when I wiped, there was blood on my toilet paper.


Cheaper than tampons: The menstrual cup which I had tried and as shown in the photos above are the disposable version of the Instead soft cup. They have a reusable version too which makes it environmentally-friendly. Though most ladies actually reuse the disposal version for one full cycle. You just need to thoroughly cleanse it in warm water. I had personally reused the disposable Instead soft cup for a few times before and had no issues at all. This makes it pretty cost effective too.

Less messy sex during the time of your month: As the menstrual cup collects your menstrual fluid around the cervix area, you can have sexual intercourse without all the mess now.


The Cons:

Not easily available: I have yet to see them in stores, if you know where I can buy it from a brick-and-mortar store, please leave me a comment. So far, I’ve been getting my supplies off Qoo10. I probably would have to import them from US or something. I would like to try out the other brands such as the ever so famous Diva Cup.

Removal can be messy: This is not something you would want to do in a public restroom. And this is the reason why I only do removals at home, in the privacy and comforts of my own bathroom. You don’t spill or splatter a lot but because you have to insert your finger into your vagina to pull the cup out. It can get quite messy when you don’t have immediate access to a tap to wash off your bloody finger. Oh well, that is unless you take the handicap cubicle.

In conclusion, my experience with the Instead soft cup has been a good one so far. I look forward to the day where I can purchase these menstrual cups off the shelves here.

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    • Haha, you will get over it. For me, it’s not having to change or worry much for 12 hours straight during a normal flow and that few minutes of getting a bloody finger is really nothing.

  1. Hi, can i just check which brand did you buy? I only saw lunette and a brandless reusable menstrual cup on qoo10. May i know how much did you get yours? Thanks!

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