Should You Let Your Girlfriend / Wife Go Club?

And so this morning, I woke up to this rather amusing article on my Facebook wall:  5 REASONS WHY SINGAPOREAN MALE SHOULD NOT LET HIS GIRLFRIEND TO COUNTDOWN WITH HER CLIQUE IN A CLUB THIS 2014

I’m rather confused by the title. Is the article implying that your partner is free to club all year long except for the countdown party? The reasons given were rather general and contradictory. If you say that clubs tend to be more crowded during countdown parties and the chances of getting taken advantage would be higher. I can totally understand where you are coming from. But from the reasons stated alone, it seems like the writer is against girls hitting the clubs at all.


Chuckling to myself, I thought about how my husband should be glad that I have long left my unglamorous clubbing days behind. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against married women who still club. As long as you know what you are doing then it is fine and of course, like everything else, it should be done in moderation.

Here are the 5 reasons stated by the article and my thoughts on it.


1. Singaporean Female will never “reject” an offer when a guy “buy her a drink”

All of us Singaporean knows that alcohol in Singapore is heavily tax. So when a guy would to buy your girlfriend a “drink”. She won’t reject.

I laughed so hard even though this statement was downright insulting. Because this statement brands Singaporean girls as cheapskates that would jump at the chance of being offered a free drink in club. The reason being that it is too expensive, so what now? We, women can’t afford their own drinks?!? Call me weird or whatever, but I used to be annoyed when guys offered to buy me drinks because I can bloody hell afford my own drinks, thank you! In fact, I would reject free drinks unless they were complimentary of the bar. I wonder which club the writer has been hanging out at…

2. Only a male understand what a male think in club .

When a male is drunk in club. First, he will notice the most sexiest lady in the club. Next he will hit on her.

You don’t need to be drunk to notice the hottest people in the club. And you don’t need to be drunk to try to hit on them unless you have no confidence and need that extra alcoholic boost. This one is hilarious because we all know that alcohol impairs your judgement and usually the drunkard hits on anything that wears a skirt. So you can bet that he is going to be dry humping the easiest girl in the club or that bar stool which he has mistaken as a hot babe. Unless your girl is gonna drink herself silly, she should still be sober enough to fend off male advances. Or at least her friends would be there to assist her.


3. Sending your girlfriend back after countdown

Yup, sending your girlfriend home because he “care” as a friend. Honestly, when a guy club till 3am in the morning, “he would not care”. All he care is about getting what he plans to get at 12am from your girlfriend.

Now, there is no need to paint such an ugly picture of the male friends of your partner. Face it, platonic friendships exist and trustworthy guy friends also do too. You should trust your girl and respect her choice of friends. Would you rather her guy friend left her alone to take a cab back? What if she bumps into a pervert near her doorstep.

If you are worried about a male friend taking advantage of your girl then pick her up after the party and do your job as the boyfriend. If the article is referring to a random stranger… wait, is this a norm now? To let random male strangers or ones you just met an hour ago at the bar counter send you home?


4. Unhealthy and Dangerous.

Partying till 3am, drinking expensive alcohol, breathing in 2nd hand Cigarette smoke and damage her lungs. Do really want all these to affect your girlfriend health?

If it’s just the year end party then you should cut her some slack. Staying up late to game till 3am is unhealthy. Having supper at the prata shop after that at is unhealthy. Jaywalking across the road from the prata shop to your house is dangerous. Well, you get the drift.


5. One Night Stand

Most of the guys who clubs are seeking for a “One – Night Stand ” partner. Your Girlfriend could be the one that night. There are many other places your girlfriend and her girlfriends can have their countdown at. For instant, watching the fireworks near Marina Bay Sand or hanging out at one her clique house. They could purchase alcohol from nearby Departmental store, which is much cheaper…

Bwahahahahaha… I’m not sure about you but this article was sure hell entertaining. And yes, we should purchase alcohol from the nearby Departmental store (!??!) because we can’t afford heavily taxed alcoholic drinks. Boohoohoo… I wonder if the writer actually has a girlfriend?


Seriously guys, there are many other better ways to dissuade your girlfriend or wifey from going out to club on the 31st of Dec. A simple way would be to plan something sweet for the night and spend it with her. Sending her this article is only going to incite her anger and imply that you do not trust her at all. Well, unless she has a sense of humor… 😉

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