HulaHoop To A Trimmer Waistline & SleekTags Review!


Imagine my dismay when I tried on some clothes and found my tummy showing. I must have been eating too much on my recent vacation and now I am stuck with a bulging belly. As a stay home mother who does not have the luxury of time to commit to a gym programme or even weekly yoga lessons. Getting to sneak in some exercise in the comforts of my own home at my own time would be ideal. That is why I felt that hulahooping suited my lifestyle.


So while most of us know what a hula hoop is but not many know that there are different types of hula hoops which can help you achieve the slimmer and trimmer waistline you have always dreamt of. Over at HulaHoop Singapore, you will find a wide range of hula hoop products specially handpicked to suit your every need, size and even fitness level. Each hula hoop comes in a box packaging and simple installation is required. It is really easy, just fix all the bars together to form a circle and there you have your hula hoop.

If you are like me, where weight loss is a concern then the foam hoops are what you need. These hula hoops are designed for weight-loss and muscles toning. Built with durable materials that are made to last, these hoops also vary in weight to suit your fitness level.




This is the Wavy Foam 1.2Kg hula hoop, there are 2 sizes available – pick from M or L size for a perfect fit. You would notice the unique wavy design on the hula hoop, these waves provide some massaging effect during your hula hoop workout. The inner waves around the hoop create a slightly deeper indent on your torso as you twirl thus the massaging effects. This is highly recommended for adults who prefer to make faster twirls on the hula hoop.


Next, we have the Smooth Adjustable Weight Hula hoop & the Wavy Adjustable Weight Hula hoop. Both are pretty similar except that one is smooth while the other has waves on the hoop.


Each set comes with 6 iron rod weights that weigh 150g each and can be inserted into the hula hoop so you could adjust your hula hoop weight from 3.3lbs-5.3lbs. I like having the option of using the hoops with or without the weights.


Another type of hula hoop would be the Magnetic Hoop 1.45KG that is recommended for intermediate users. This hula hoop comes with a pair magnetic bumps arranged in a row, providing good massage around your torso. Magnetic bumps enhances blood circulation and further enhance fat burning resulting a slimmer waistline. Use this for 20 minutes a day for best results.



And guess what? There’s also these Arm Hoops too! Say goodbye to flabby arms because the arm hoops will help shape and tone your arms so that you can show them off in your sleeveless outfits.

IMG_0739How to use the arm hoops? Simply twirl the arm hoops on both arms stretched outwards. And in no time you would be rocking those sleeveless clothings.


Even kids can have fun with the Children range of hula hoops. This is also one of my personal favorites as well.


The Wavy Rainbow 300g is suitable for children from 5 years old onwards. Despite it being lightweight, it is made of durable material and will not go out of shape easily. This hoop consists of 16 sections which you can mix and match the colour sequence according to your preference.


Even though Asher is still too young to hula hoop along but he enjoys playing with the rainbow hoop as I do my own hula hoop workout. We have lots of fun together and it becomes more of a bonding session instead of just a workout for me.


So what are you waiting for? Fitness begins today at the comforts of your own home! There’s a SPECIAL PROMOTION of 10% discount off when you use the discount code “HulaHoopSingaporeWithMFP” at Hulahoop Singapore (Discount code expires 1 month later) Stay updated with the latest news and promotions by liking the HulaHoopSingapore’s Facebook Page.



SleekTags are personalized fashionable bands which you wear on your hand that carry information such as your name, contact information, blood type, allergies etc. So that in cases of emergencies, your loved ones can be contacted and also any important information pertaining the wearer will be known to the rescuer.

SleekTags are suitable for the following group of people:

Active individuals: If you are an active person who relishes adventure and are often out and about, be it backpacking around the world, hiking or joining a triathlon then SleekTag is for you too. Made out of durable silicon bracelet with a stainless steel tag, the SleekTag band will withstand all rigorous outdoor activities and is useful in cases of emergency.

Children: Especially for children going on school field trips or even traveling overseas. The tag contains information of the child’s guardian in case of emergency.

Elderly/Special Needs People: The SleekTag is especially useful for elderly folks who suffer from dementia and tend to forget their way back home or special needs children or adults that have communication problems. As the essential information are all engraved on the sleektag, they can be easily assisted.

But you are not just limited to the above options, there are so many other ways you can use the SleekTags too! For example, companies could also get sleektags as gifts for their employees during team building events to signify team spirit. These fashionable bands also make great gifts for loved ones. You get to select the type of strap, the color of the strap and what personalized message you wish to include too.


I had one made for myself and Asher so that he could wear it on our first trip abroad together. Asher is a very active toddler and I am always worried that he would run out of sight.


Now with the SleekTag, I know that at least if he gets sent to the shopping mall’s information counter, they will have a contact number to call. Of course, this is no excuse for me to let him run about unattended but at least I know that with the SleekTag he is wearing, it would speed up the process of us finding him.


Check out the various designs available at now, they even have ones for pets too! I’m sure Mocha would love one for Christmas, there’s a SPECIAL PROMO going on now! Use the discount code SleekTagWithMFP” to get 10% off your orders! Also, like the SleekTag Facebook Page for the latest updates on their product offerings and promotions!

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