Happy Boxing Day: A Summary Of Our Xmas


Just in a blink of an eye, Christmas is over and it’s boxing day; the day after Christmas where you open up your presents. We cheated and had Asher opened his presents on Christmas night though.


A year ago, I had given him a shopping cart that was filled to the brim with books. This year, he felt his wrapped up present and thought that I had gotten him another book! LOL, what a cutie. Anyway, no it is not a book but the Melissa & Doug Latches board. I had been eyeing it for the longest time and now it’s finally mine.. ours.. I mean, his. *cough* He also has this crazy obsession with Play Doh so I got him another kit. Honestly, it was tough shopping for him given that he has almost everything he needs.

And these are the presents which I had gotten for the family this year. It’s probably the most presents I had prepared so far. Shopping for and giving presents can be so fun and satisfying.


The presents which I’d gotten for everyone.

Interestingly, this is also the year where I had prepared the most number of presents. I’m truly grateful for being blessed with the financial capacity to afford the presents even though this year also marks the 1st full year of my stay home mom journey. The presents may not be expensive as the previous years but it’s the thought that counts.


And these are the sweet treats and lovely surprises from Orchard hotel, Creme Simon, My Fat Pocket & Etude House. (Clockwise from top left)

10393852_10153401102909606_6331090119622406162_n All in all, Christmas was a simple event spent with loved ones over a sumptuous meal on the eve at my home. Looking forward to 2015 and getting over and done with my birthday. Urgh.. another year towards the big 40s.

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