[Review] Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

Just the other day when I met up with a friend, I found her scrutinizing my face before commenting on how smooth it looks. I was surprised because it also happened that I was wearing the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation for the first time. We had met up 2 days ago but she didn’t make a single comment on my complexion then so I’m guessing that the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation had a part to play in my flawless makeup look.


The Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation has a ‘Micro-Pink Pearl’ formula which consists of fine-textured micro pearls that creates a soft reflection of light, giving one’s skin a translucent and pinkish glow. It is completely oil-free and also contains 1.6 times as much water as existing liquid foundation, resulting in a foundation that spreads evenly to perfectly fit your skin.

Collage 2014-11-05 09_54_45

What I like most about this foundation is how it turns matt almost instantly upon application. It has a lightweight texture and the shade OC21 blends well with my skin tone. I think it gives me pretty good coverage. In fact, there are days where I just want a light cover up and I would just use the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation without setting it with any loose powder. It does well on it’s own but for added coverage on problem areas such as the under eye areas, I would recommend using a concealer prior to applying the liquid foundation.

Collage 2014-11-05 10_00_15

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation. This is definitely going into my makeup pouch :) If you are keen to test out this product, you can find them at the Za counters of any Watsons stores.

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