[Review] Drypers Drynights

I had just received my Drypers Drynights sample a few days ago and I was excited to let Asher try them out. I believe this is the first time a diaper brand has launched a diapers that is specially for night use only. We currently use Drypers in the day only as they didn’t work out for us for long periods. So I was curious at how this new night diaper would fare.


The Drypers Drynights claims to last comfortably all night long, up to 12 hours of dryness. Sounds good enough! The sample pack contained 3 pieces of diapers. This is how the Drypers Drynights diaper looks like. I find the thickness pretty similar to the day diapers.


For the first night, Asher had it on for 12 hours straight from 10.30pm to 10.30am in the morning. He had accumulated around 300g of pee and no leakages! Yey!


We used up the other two pieces for the next two nights. So far, there was only 1 leakage which happened during the 11th hour of use. But to be fair, Asher sure can pee a lot. The third night went on fine with no issues. I’m not sure if XL is slightly bigger for Asher because if I leave it on for around 12 hours, it gets really bulky and hangs down low, almost threatening to drop off. Maybe I should try out L next time.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the Drypers Drynights diapers. I like that we now have yet another alternative for overnight diapers to choose from. Drypers Drynights is currently available at all leading supermarkets and hyper marts. You can grab your sample pack from the Drypers Facebook Page.

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