More Women Going For ‘Fake Boobs’ Look

No thanks to Hollywood, the unnatural becomes the natural when too many stars are spotting the same ‘fake boobs’ look, prompting more women to ask their surgeons for the same look.


So just what actually is the difference between the natural look and the fake look when it comes to breast augmentation? To some, the fake boobs look seems like a job gone bad, but that is not necessarily the case. In fact, more and more women are now seeking for the fake boobs look because it is so common and popular in Hollywood.

A natural breast augmentation involves going under the muscle with an implant that is moderate and proportional to the rest of your body. Naturally-shaped breasts have a gradual downward slope with most of the volume at the lower areas of your breast. A good example of how natural would be Kate Hudson’s. I could have never guessed that she had undergone a boob job. Whereas I can’t say the same for many other celebrities.

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But since natural is too mainstream, more women are now going for the fake look which crudely resembles a porn star’s rack. To achieve the fake look, the implant, usually disproportionately large, are placed over the muscle for that perpetual push-up look. The bigger the implants, the more fake-looking it would be. Honestly, I am confused over the appeal of having a chest that screams out loud, “I HAD A BOOB JOB!”


**EXCLUSIVE** **FIRST BIKINI PICTURES** Heidi Montag shows off her new beach body in a self-designed bikinianicki-minaj-boobsvictoria-beckham-boobsSo what do you think about the “Fake Boobs” look, yay or nay?

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