[Review] Etude House Princess Happy Ending & Wish Lips Talk Lipsticks

If you have been following my blog, you would have read about the nail kit from the Etude House Princess Happy Ending for Jasmine. The Etude House Princess Happy Ending collection comprises of the 4 Disney princesses; namely Snow White, Cinderella, Belle from Beauty & the Beast and not forgetting, Jasmine from Aladdin. Each Princess collection consists of cosmetic items to recreate the princess’ look.


I’m excited to review 3 lovely shades from Etude House’s latest lipstick collection. One of which comes from the special edition collection, Princess Happy Ending’s Snow White. And the other two from the Wish Lips Talk series.


Here are the swatches.


Achieve Snow White’s trademark luscious red lips with the lipstick from the Princess Happy Ending collection. You can expect a rich, vibrant red that resembles that of the freshest and shiniest red apple in town which even Snow White can’t resist taking a bite from.


This eye-popping red lip color is hot, sexy and classy. To carry it off, just remember not to go overboard with the rest of your makeup.


The latest Wish Lips Talk collection brings you gorgeous shades suitable for everyday wear. You can expect long-lasting shades, with shimmery pearl finish and moisturizing texture.

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk

The ones I got to try out are the shades, Thrilling Secret Romance PK003 and Chic Hollywood Actress BE101.


Chic Hollywood Actress BE101 is a lovely peachy, nude shade.  I’m a sucker for nude lip color because of it’s versatility. Nude lip color goes well with almost everything. It is the go to color if you are not sure which lip color to wear.


Thrilling Secret Romance PK003 is a seductive and rich raspberry-pink shade that I didn’t expect to fall in love with. This is the same shade which Krystal is wearing in the modeled photo above.


I don’t usually wear such vibrant colors, in fact, I hardly wear anything on my lips because I hated the feeling of something on them. But the Wish Lips Talk lipsticks are so moisturizing that it’s like I’m not wearing anything at all. And PK003 is such a beautiful, bold shade that felt so empowering to wear.

What I really loved about the Wish Lips Talk lipsticks is how long-lasting they are. I ate chicken rice with the PK003 on, saw some of it stain my spoon and I expected little of it to be left but imagine my surprise after checking the mirror. I still had about 70% of the color on my lips. It wasn’t smudged and did not even require reapplication.

So yes, you can say I’m now a lippie convert!


Just to add that the blusher I’m wearing in all of the above photos are from the Princess Happy Ending Belle Collection. Look at the rose design and floral packaging. Like the Jasmine nail kit, its box is shaped to appear like a thick book. This dainty blusher shade goes very well with the Snow White lipstick because it’s rather light and adds just the right hint of pinkish glow.

Now you can purchase these lovely Etude House products from their global online store: http://www.etudehouse.com/

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