La Belle Skin Threatens To Sue Me Over Bad Review

I’m not sure which is more infuriating; a brazilian waxing session which left my panties stuck to my lady bits or being threatened with a lawsuit by the very same company responsible for that bad waxing experience.


Yes, I’m referring to the blog review I’d written about La Belle Skin after purchasing their deal via Apart from the dissatisfactory waxing service, it turns out I wasn’t the only one who did not know about the hidden charge where you had to pay for feminine wipes. S$3 for a sheet of feminine wipe was pretty much daylight robbery but 2 of my readers had to pay S$10 and S$12 respectively. Why were the charges for the wipes varied? Shouldn’t there be a standard price?

Below is screenshot from the original blog post‘s comments section.



After reading what the others had to say about their brazilian waxing experience at La Belle Skin, it seems that I wasn’t the only one who had left the place feeling upset and disappointed.

All-out censorship isn’t the way to maintain a company’s reputation. My review was based on my HONEST and PERSONAL OPINION! And ironically, I’m the PAYING CUSTOMER who was not satisfied with the service but instead of finding out why, they’d rather silence me with such BULLY TACTICS. What credibility do I have left as a beauty blogger if I allow companies like La Belle Skin to shut me up whenever I write a review that doesn’t sit well with them?

Anyway, this was the email which I’d received from someone in the company called Wind who didn’t even have the courtesy to sign off.


Honestly, I’m not sure if I should be pissed off by their audacity to come up with such a letter, or be amused by the atrocious English.


With more and more companies headed towards a customer-centric culture, it is unfathomable why La Belle Skin would rather waste time issuing threats, when they should be focusing on improving their service. Then perhaps, there would be good reviews written instead. I mean, no company is perfect, even the best companies are also susceptible to bad reviews but at least they take it as a learning opportunity and work on improving customer satisfaction. This email I’ve received speaks volume of the company as one that would rather sweep bad reviews under the carpet than to do something about it.


Oh and by the way, my name is spelt ‘Charlotte’ and not ‘Charllotte’. Please get your legal counsel to take note of the correct spelling.


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12 thoughts on “La Belle Skin Threatens To Sue Me Over Bad Review

  1. goodness!
    How pathetic of them.
    They should really concentrate in improving so they can get positive reviews instead of a bad one. How disappointing and unprofessional of them!

  2. super pathetic that they decided to bully you into silence rather than employing any service recovery tactics.

    a blogger’s most valuable asset is their credibility; it makes no sense that you’re not entitled to your own opinion (plus, you were a paying customer). Good that you blogged about their awful service girl!

  3. This is just a threat letter, most probably handled by outsourced debt collection company. Not legal and you can sue counter sue. Don’t worry.

  4. OMG, THE English! You are not slandering the company. Well, you could check with your lawyer friends, if any, regarding the threat. One thing for sure, you paid for the service! You reviewed it based on your own experience, and NOT simply spreading rumors about them. Geez.

    • I’ve checked with other bloggers who have lawyer partners including one who studied media law and they told me that I’ve nothing to worry.

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